LeEco Is Expected to Launch Their Latest Flagship Device Shortly

Chinese smartphone developers have been on a roll for quite some time with a number of high-end smartphone coming out every now and then. The latest addition to the list is LeEco. The report that has come out reveals the fact that the world of the smartphone might just get ready to get the flagship device from LeEco very shortly.

Reports have come in that LeEco is all set to release their latest flagship device very shortly. To be precise, the release could well be April 11. The revelation has been done by one of the users from Chinese website Weibo. Hence with less than two weeks to go before the launch of the device, we take a look at what the features of the device might turn out to be eventually.

LeEco Flagship
Reports have suggested that the upcoming flagship device from LeEco is going to be released on April 11

It has been revealed that the smartphone will perhaps come out on the market with a dual-lens setup on the back. In fact, earlier rumors have also suggested that the next flagship device from LeEco will sport a dual-lens setup on the back. So, the one that has been leaked by the Weibo user could well be the one that is waiting in the pipeline to be released.

However, very little has been known regarding the features of the smartphone other than the info shared. It is expected that the front camera is also going to sport a dual-lens setup very much like the rear one. Also, reports are also there that the device might come out on the market with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. However, that remains to be a matter of discussion before we get any sort of confirmation from the developers itself.

Another leak from yet another Weibo user has revealed that the upcoming flagship device from LeEco might come with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Evidently, it is one of the features that make it potentially a flagship device. What eventually turns out is definitely going to provoke great curiosity. To find out what’s happening, all we need to do is just wait till the launch of the device which is tentatively on April 11.

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