Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S8: There is Very Little to Choose from the Two High-end Devices

Google Pixel has already managed to grab the attention of the tech enthusiasts across the world thanks to the number of incredible features in the smartphone. Now with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, it is believed that the world of the smartphone has got a new thing to discuss with. And here we are with the comparative of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the much popular Google Pixel.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel
Samsung Galaxy S8 is simply outstanding, Users can’t afford to look down upon Google Pixel

Design and Display

Samsung Galaxy S8 undoubtedly comes with a premium look thanks to the rounded edges and the glass back. Google Pixel, on the other hand, sports a much conventional look. And hence Galaxy S8 ranks way above Google Pixel when it comes to the design of the devices.

In the display as well, Samsung Galaxy S8 ranks a bit higher than the one from Google. The basic reason lies in the fact that the flagship device from Samsung comes with support for a 2960 x 1440 display resolution while Google Pixel supports HD display. Clearly, the display in is a notch higher than the one in Pixel. Also, the screen sizes are different. While it’s 5.8 inches in S8, it is just 5.0 inches in Pixel. Evidently, S8 will be rated higher than the Google Pixel in the design and display.

Processor and Storage

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out on the market with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor under the hood which will place it a notch higher than any other smartphone available on the market. Understandably Google Pixel, which sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor under the hood will be rendered not as good as the S8.

However, both the smartphone comes with 4 GB RAM. This is where Google Pixel just edges past Samsung Galaxy S8. The lately launched flagship from Samsung in spite of running on 4 GB RAM comes packed with a number of features might cause problems (Hands-on experience is necessary in this case). But users of Google Pixel haven’t reported of any lag which on paper rates Google Pixel higher. It is one of those things that will definitely be subject to further revelation. As of now, Pixel can be rated higher despite equal RAM.

S8 comes with an internal storage of 64 GB, and that is the only variant that the developers have launched for the time being. It is not yet known whether there is going to be any other variant of the smartphone in future or not. Google Pixel is available on the market in two variants – one comes with 32 GB internal storage, the other comes with a 128 GB native storage. However, the expandability of the storage (up to 256 GB via MicroSD card) gives Samsung Galaxy S8 an added advantage over Google Pixel.


Google Pixel with a 12.3-megapixel primary camera assisted by f/2.0 aperture, EIS (gyro), Phase Detection & Laser Autofocus and Dual-Led (dual tone) has got some good reviews since its arrival on the market. Even the 8-megapixel front camera with f/2.4 aperture has been quite impressive. However, on paper, Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with better camera configurations. The rear camera is equipped with 12-megapixel lens associated with f/1.7 aperture, PDAF technology, OIS and LED flash. The front camera with 8-megapixel lens and f/1.7 aperture and autofocus technology promise big things. However, we need to wait for a bit longer in order to get an experience of how the camera at both ends operates. So at this point in time, it hangs in the balance. A proper evaluation of the photography can be done once Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out on the market.

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a number of incredible features, Google Pixel gives great competition as it comes with a lesser price tag


Galaxy S8 is backed up by a 3,000 mAh battery. Experts are of the opinion that the battery might not be enough to support the high-end device despite running on the SD 835 processor which prevents excess consumption of power, and could well be the negative point in the smartphone. Google Pixel, on the other hand, running on 2,770 mAh battery has been quite effective with its performance. This is also one thing that is subject to further observation for we haven’t yet seen how the flagship handset from Samsung works.

Additional Features

One of the most important things that might enable Samsung Galaxy S8 to rank a bit higher is the fact that S8 comes with Bluetooth v5.0 which is the latest version available on the market. Other than that, most of the features are very similar in both the smartphones. So, there is nothing much to choose from the two smartphones in this section. Even if there is any difference between the smartphone, there is not something that will matter much. Hence it’s somewhat in the balance at the end of this round.


Samsung Galaxy S8 comes attached with a price tag of 970 USD while Google Pixel costs around 747 USD. Clearly, there is a huge difference in the price range. For the consumers who are planning to get hold of a new smartphone, there is definitely a big bet to handle with. Google Pixel offers a decent smartphone at an affordable price, whereas S8 comes is evidently a bit expensive. Surely it’s an upgraded model, but Google Pixel is not a kind of a smartphone which you cannot take into consideration, hence, let’s leave it to you to judge which one is better.

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