Moto E4 With 4,000mAh Battery and 16GB Storage Clears FCC

Moto E4: A new Motorola smartphone has cleared the FCC, and while there aren’t a whole lot of details to go by, it looks like the device lists battery performance as a priority. As with all FCC listings, the smartphone appears under an obscure model number that doesn’t give much away, but sources believe that the device could be the successor to 2016’s Moto E3, presumably known as the Moto E4.

Moto E4
The image represents the label on the back of the device listed on the FCC. Image Source: Gizmochina.

Going by the developments in the recent past, it appears that Motorola has a lot of new smartphones lined up for the near future. The newly spotted device appears on FCC under the model number XT1723, and while there isn’t much to look at in terms of specifications, a 16GB storage option can be seen. But the most standout feature that this new mystery smartphone will come with is an impressive 4,000mAh battery. If this really is to be the Moto E4, then the increased battery capacity marks a huge improvement over its predecessor.

The fact that it has cleared the FCC means that we are not too far away from finding out if this is indeed the Moto E4. At the moment, however, the newly discovered device appears to be headed for a US release only. There are others on the way too- another Moto smartphone, listed under the model number XT1750, was seen clearing the FCC last month. One more, the Moto X 2017, leaked in images earlier during the week and revealed many of the features and internal configurations that it could come with. One of the major points of attraction of the Moto X is undoubtedly its dual camera set up at the back. But while we know its processor and RAM specifications, nothing about the finer details, like its battery or platform, have been elucidated.

The Moto E4 is currently shrouded in mystery, but it might be another mid-level offering from the company. It is not clear if the two models that have cleared FCC will belong to the same lineup, but we hope to find out soon.

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