Gmail For Android Users Can Now Send Or Receive Money as Email Attachments

In a move that is squarely aimed at the booming digital transaction market in India and abroad, the Gmail for Android app has been modified in a way which will enable users to send or receive money as an email attachment. Users can now request money via the Android app as well. Simply tap on the attachment button in your Gmail for Android app, select the send money option, and use your Google Wallet to send, request, or receive money. Note that the new service has only been made live in the United States.

Send and receive money through Gmail for Android now

This digital transaction service was previously available as a web-exclusive service and ha now migrated to the Android platform. The procedure was a bit different on the web, however. There is a small $ icon just next to the compose button on Gmail for the web. This is in contrast to the new Gmail for Android feature where the transaction can be completed through the attachment button.  Previously, the attachment button did only what it said: it let you add attachments like videos, documents, and photos. This is set to change as you can now send or receive money through the same button as well.

How To Send Money Via Gmail For Android

The process is simple and not time-consuming. Note that you need to have an account in the Google Wallet service which must be linked to at least one of your bank accounts. Now, click on the attachment button on the Gmail page that can be accessed via the app. Once there, use the drop-down menu to select the option of send money as well. There is no need to download or install any extra app. Moreover, you can now add funds to your Google Wallet via your debit or credit cards and subsequently send the money thus acquired as an attachment using the same method to any user on the web as well as any Gmail for Android user. Note that the new feature is not available, for now, on the iOS platform. you can visit techsgeeks for Gmail related tips.

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