OnePlus 3T Black Collette Edition Launched; Limited Availability Estimated

OnePlus has become one of the most popular names in the field of technology with the release of a number of smartphones. And things are expected to get much better if we go by the latest news. The latest one that has surfaced reveals the fact that the there will be a new edition of the smartphone OnePlus 3T that will be launched by the Chinese smartphone developers.

OnePlus 3T
OnePlus 3T will be available in black Colette edition in limited numbers

The news has come out with the information that OnePlus 3T will be available on the market in a new color variant. It is going to be Black and will be available in the limited Colette edition. According to the reports that have flown in, there are only 250 products are manufactured in the Black Colette edition. And it will be available in the Colette outlets in Paris only. Whether it is going to be an exclusive version of OnePlus 3T that will be available in Paris, or it is going to be available in the other countries as well has not been confirmed by the China-based smartphone developers. And for that, we have to keep on waiting for a bit longer.

Previously rumors were high that OnePlus 3T would be available on the market in a blue color variant has suddenly taken the backseat with the rise of the new update. But the chances of the blue variant of the smartphone cannot be wiped out completely. This limited edition of the Black OnePlus 3T will have the name of Colette embedded o n the back of the smartphone, and this is something that will surely make the consumers really excited.

Reportedly OnePlus 3T has been a successful launch on behalf of the Chinese tech company as it has already received good reviews from the consumers. And with the new edition of the smartphone set to be released on March 21 in Paris only, it is expected that OnePlus will enjoy the increase in the number of sale of the smartphone. The OnePlus 3T limited black Colette will come with a price tag of 479 Euro.

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