Samsung’s Foldable Phone Could be Launching in September 2017

It’s not a secret that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone and have even filed a patent. Since the smartphone giant has refused to say anything about the matter, we are hoping for a big reveal sometime soon. Now a new rumor has emerged suggesting that Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy X (foldable handset) in September 2017.

Samsung’s Foldable smartphone
Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone: Galaxy X

As per those rumors, it is being believed that the prototype of the foldable phone will be unveiled by the end of Q3 2017 or start of Q4 2017. Of course, Galaxy X is just a codename and we don’t know what it’ll be called, as of yet.

Samsung’s foldable phone is said to be reminiscent of those clamshell phone that were popular a couple of years back. Foldable phone, according to several analysts would have a good market because they will have the ability to reduce the phone’s size by folding. These days the sheer size of the phone is annoying sometimes, a foldable phone in-this-case will be very handy as it’ll make the handset compact and easy to handle while traveling.

According to reports, the foldable phone Samsung is working on will have a display of something between 5.5-inch and 6.2-inch, which could be perhaps folded from the middle and made compact and kept in the pocket.

By this time there are several concerns that might be coming to your mind like the battery, storage capacity. We don’t have any information in this regard. There’s no telling what the chipset and processor will be but one can only they will be the latest of their kinds available. If Samsung was to launch the Galaxy X soon enough then it might help restore the faith of Samsung loyalists and their reputation. So one can hope the rumor is true and that Samsung will be launching the foldable phone or Galaxy X in September 2017.

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