iPhone 8 Might Sport Curved Display, But Don’t Expect It To Be Functional

There are many speculations doing the rounds about the upcoming iPhone 8. The iconic device that has revolutionized the way people look at smartphones will celebrate its ten years of existence in the world in 2017. And if hints are anything to go by, then we are looking at the possibility of some killer features including a curved screen.

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

One of the features of the iPhone 8 that is most talked about happens to be its display, though there are substantial debates about what exactly we might end up getting. To be fair, Apple is expected to come out with three different iPhone models in 2017. These will include two iPhone 7 S models, while the third one will be the iPhone 8 that we are all waiting for. So going by what speculations seem to suggest, the two S models will come with some variation of the standard LCD that has been the norm for iPhones so far, while the special edition iPhone might come with OLED panels.

For these latter ones, Apple has partnered up with Samsung. But the question is whether, then, the iPhone 8 will also feature a curved edge display that has come to distinguish the high-end flagships by the South Korean conglomerate. But as we all know, Apple is hardly ever this predictable. Presently, however, new reports seem to suggest that the iPhone 8 will, in fact, come with a curved screen, although there will be a marked distinction.

The iPhone 8’s display will sport a much gentler curve compared to what we have seen in the Galaxy S7 Edge or the recalled Note 7 smartphones, says this report. Moreover, it looks like its presence is being fuelled solely by aesthetic reasons unlike Samsung’s Edge display, which offers shortcut functions with a single swipe. However, that does not mean much of a loss for those who are looking forward to getting their hands on the iPhone 8. Apple is reportedly building an adaptive Function Bar into the bottom of the display which will be similar in capacity to the feature that was brought into the most recent MacBook Pro. That means it will suit itself to the app that is currently running in the fore on the iPhone 8.

With all these reports circulating, it is easy to be confused about what the iPhone 8 will be like. But we’re keeping a keen eye out. Watch this website for more recent news about Apple‘s intentions with their 2017 offering.

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