You Can Now Watch YouTube Kids on Smart TVs

The secondary application YouTube Kids was launched in February 2015, by YouTube which is mainly designed for children. Since then the application has garnered several positive reviews and now one can actually watch the YouTube Kids channel on their Smart TV.

youtube kids
YouTube Kids can be watched on Smart TVs now

YouTube Kids was only available on mobile platforms earlier but now the app will come on Smart TV sets which fall under the brand name of LG, Sony, and Samsung. The application will be also available on the LG webOS TVs purchased during the year 2015 to 2017 through the LG content store. The YouTube Kids, on the other hand, will even get featured on Samsung Blu-ray players as well as Smart TVs through the Samsung App store.

Japanese multinational tech company, Sony has not yet manufactured Android TVs due to which the YouTube Kids application will only be available on such devices as and when the company starts developing it.

The interface of the YouTube Kids is quite convenient and simplified and also provides features related to parental control. The content featured by the YouTube Kids is quite age-appropriate. Whenever the parents feel that some videos are a little inappropriate, they can notify the company to remove such videos from the application.

The failing of filters has been often witnessed on the YouTube Kids app due to which people have complained against the app. However, such problems are seen even today in the app. Complaints about the YouTube Kids app providing inappropriateĀ content in the name of cartoons have also emerged.

People have often stated that the Netflix Kids is way better than the YouTube Kids due to which the former has gained countless active users. But with YouTube Kids being available on Smart TVs may help the platform to alter the impression of its users regarding the platform.

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