Latest Leaks of LG V30 Hint at Curved Flexible OLED Display

A number of news has come from the field of smartphones in the recent past regarding the upcoming devices which might see the light of day in the course of the year 2017. And among those, one which has managed to come up more prominently than the others is the LG V30. Since the launch of the LG G6, news and updates that have come out from LG have mostly dealt with the next smartphone in the V-series from LG and of late leaked images of the smartphone have emerged on the online media.

LG V30
latest leaks have revealed that LG V30 is going to come out with curved OLED flexible display

Leaked specs often come up with a number of crucial information regarding the specs and features of a smartphone. And it is believed that there is not going to be any exception in the case of LG V30 as well. The newest one which has hit the media reveals a lot about the design of the smartphone. It has been stated that LG V30 will come out with a curved flexible OLED display. Well, there is enough logic behind the truth of this news for we have previously been reported that LG has supplied OLED screens to the other smartphone developers in the world. Hence, the news that LG V30 will come out with a curved flexible OLED display might eventually turn out to be true.

Other than that, there have been a number of rumors which have been making rounds regarding the features and specs of the LG V30. The smartphone is expected to come out with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor under the hood. The RAM might vary from 4 GB RAM and 6 GB RAM although quite naturally nothing has been confirmed yet. The upcoming flagship device in the V-series from LG might also come with Quad DAC audio recorder chip. A dual camera setup is also expected to be the highlight of the smartphone as well.

Regarding the LG V30 release date, nothing at all has been revealed. But it is speculated that the smartphone will come out in the second half of the year 2017. However, an official statement regarding anything related to the LG V30 is yet to come out which keeps everything on hold at this moment.

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