Nokia 3310 Coming To India in June; Check Price And Availability

HMD Global, which makes smartphones and feature phones under the iconic Nokia brand name, is finally bringing the new Nokia 3310 and the other Nokia smartphones to India. We expect a June launch date. Initial reports had pointed towards a May launch date for the updated version of the iconic 3310 but with HMD Global deciding to bring the newly launched Nokia smartphones as well, the release date has been pushed back by a month. The price of the new Nokia 3310 is expected to be under Rs 5000.

The new Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 was phased out a decade ago, tech enthusiasts will remember. The new Nokia 3310, a retake on the original iconic product, will be in sync with the times. On the other hand, Nokia, under the garb of HMD Global, is also expected to increase its offline presence in the domestic market. In an interview with the Economic Times, HMD Mobile India vice president Ajey Mehta said that the company intended,“to rope in over 400 distributors who can reach out every nook and corner of the country and set up 300 service centres. Depending on the scale of business in India, (we) could set-up exclusive brand stores in the country.”

 Nokia 3310 Specs and Features

Just sum up, the new Nokia 3310 will be classified as a feature phone. Unlike most modern smartphones, the Nokia 3310 will run on the 2.5G network. It has a display size of 2.4-inch and will run on Nokia’s proprietary S30+ operating system. The new phone will have a colored screen phone with a month-long standby period. Reports suggest that this is 10 times the original phone’s capabilities.

The new Nokia 3310 will also come equipped with a 2MP rear camera. To attract older fans and legions of new ones, a more modernised version of the classic ‘Snake’ game will also ship with the device. The Nokia 3310 will be made available in four color variants, which include Warm Red and Yellow, both of which will have a gloss finish, as well as matte-finished Dark Blue and Grey options.

Nokia 3310 Price

The Nokia 3310 is yet to have an official price tag.  Initially, the new 3310 was to come for around €49, which translates to under Rs 3000. Now, however, thanks to higher tax rates imposed in major European countries, the price has shot up to Rs 4900, still significantly lower than comparable smartphones. However, should Nokia choose to manufacture its phones in India, the price should come down a bit.

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