WhatsApp Might Introduce the ‘Change Number’ Feature Soon

The instant message exchanging platform WhatsApp has been making the life of people easy for several years because of the favorable features of it. But WhatsApp got into a major soup a while back when it updated the status feature as the company then acquired a lot of backlashes. But soon the developers got back the old status option for people. And now it might seem that WhatsApp is planning on introducing something quite awesome.

The developers of WhatsApp are testing on the change number feature

As per a report by The Mobile Indian, it seems that WhatsApp is working on a particular testing which is going to let the users of the application to change the numbers and on the other hand, they would also notification to the contacts.

However, a few days back there was a new that had surfaced and it highlighted that WhatsApp is also working on a testing which is related to multiple contact sending feature which basically means that the users would be able to send across more than one contact to people simultaneously through the instant messaging application. Till now at a time we can only send one contact to people on WhatsApp but this particular feature would be useful for many of them out there.

Nevertheless, WhastApp is only doing the testing for the feature right now for the operating system, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows Phone. The number change feature by WhatsApp is expected to get appreciated by those who keep changing their contact numbers quite often.

The new status feature by WhatsApp acquired numerous negative responses as they didn’t feel the option of putting pictures as their statuses quite great. But the developers might redeem themselves by introducing new features.

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