Android Wear Smartwatch Montblanc Summit Launched

German luxury goods company Montblanc has launched its first smartwatch, the Montblanc Summit, which now joins the list of Android wear smartwatches in the market. Available in more than a dozen different styles, including steel and titanium models, and in both rubber and calfskin straps, the device will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 21000 chipset and will be supported by a 3000mAh battery.

Montblanc Summit
The smartwatch will be compatible with all smartphones that run on at least Android 4.3. It will be compatible with iOS too.

Montblanc Summit will also come with standard trackers such as fitness tracker, light sensor, G-sensor, barometer, heart rate monitor, E-compass and gyroscope.

Speaking of storage capacity, the device will be backed by 4GB internal storage and a RAM of 512MB. Besides, it will also sport a vibrator, a microphone and facilities for WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1.

Having been certified by IP68, the smartwatch will be compatible with all smartphones that run on at least Android 4.3. Furthermore, it will be compatible with iOS too.

However, the device will be available only on Mr Porter as of now. They are not even available on the company’s official website.The stainless steel and leather smartwatch is available at $890, whereas, if you pay $930, then you will get a stainless steel case and rubber NATO-inspired strap option. High price editions of the watch with a titanium case and exotic leather straps, such as alligator skin are also available on Mr Porter. The best part is that the straps are replaceable, and the company sells official straps with a quick release pin mechanism, which makes it easier to change the bands. Although the company sells various band sizes for various size wrists, Mr Porter’s listing shows the Summit comes in one size, as per Android Headlines.

The launch by Motoblanc comes just a day after American multinational technological conglomerate Verizon Communications rolled out Wear24 smartwatches.

The smartwatch by Montblanc is going to rival Teg Heuer, which has just launched its second generation Connected watch into the market. The Motoblanc Summit is 12.5mm thick.

The Summit, however, does not come with a 4G LTE support and it does not come with a speaker. As a result, you won’t be able to use your watch as a speakerphone for taking calls.

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