Apple Obtains Beddit Sleep Monitor Application which will Track the Sleeping Pattern of an User

Apple certainly never fails to surprise its customers and now it seems that the American technology giant has obtained the Beddit Sleep Monitor app which tracks the sleeping pattern of a person.

Apple obtains the app Beddit Sleep Monitor

And the news got highlighted when CNBC reported about the same. It has been also stated that Beddit has decided to keep the customer support contact on their official website and the customer experience will not alter at all. The updated version of the policy even pointed that: “Your personal data will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.”

The developers of the Beddit Sleep Monitor app even stated that the data which would be collected can actually get shared with the health app of Apple. Lack of sleep affect our body in several ways and this hustle bustle of life we often don’t get enough of it. Therefore, tracking down of our sleep pattern would be quite great.

Many of us hit the bed early but sometimes we don’t really fall asleep immediately and using the Beddit Sleep Monitor app would be quite helpful. It actually calculated the amount of time one takes to fall asleep. And not only that as it also monitors for how long a person actually sleeps restlessly.

The app also calculates the snoring period of a person while sleeping as well as the actual sleep time. It even monitors the heart rate during sleep and the time which is taken to wake up.

The sleeping pattern will get monitored through the iPhones and the device should be kept underneath the sheet so that it can calculate the functioning of the sleep pattern.

However, Apple obtaining the app has come as a great news for the users as the Beddit Sleep Monitor app seems to be extremely convenient.

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