Fitbit’s New Smartwatch ‘Higgs’ Unveiled; Picks up From Where The Fitbit Blaze Left Off

Despite rumours that Fitbit’s new smartwatch was delayed, newer reports now suggest that the new smartwatch from Fitbit will now be on time. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the new smartwatch, nicknamed Higgs. The new Higgs is one of the best smartwatches is one of the best devices to have hit the market in recent times.

the new fitbit smartwatch Higgs
The new Higgs, Fitbit’s smartwatch

A couple of new renders which have been obtained by the guys at Yahoo Finance, who have wasted no time in spreading them all over the Internet. The same news outlet has also leaked photos and renders of Fitbit’s first “proper” smartwatch and its first-ever pair of Bluetooth headphones. Fitbit, which is known for its fitness trackers and other accessories, which have proven to be popular all over the world, will look to make its new ‘Higgs’ part superb fitness tracker, part smartwatch par excellence.

Fitbit Smartwatch Higgs Specs and Features

Codenamed “Higgs” internally, the new Fitbit smartwatch will reportedly come with a colour display along with 1,000 nits of brightness, a degree of luminescence extremely similar to the Apple Watch Series 2. Besides the traditional points in design philosophy, it will also have a built-in GPS chip and will add a few tricks from its fitness tracking pedigree, like heart-rate monitoring. Do not forget to check best GPS watches.

Also in store will be the ability to make touchless payments, somewhat similar to the Samsung Pay system, as well as the ability to store and play music from Pandora. Besides, it will also have four days of battery life between charges, sources informed the same news outlet.

All these features will come totally encased in an aluminum unibody design. The new Fitbit smartwatch will also have a unique ability: it will let all users swap watch bands. The launch of the new smartwatch is expected this fall and the price tag will be a hefty $300.

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