Latest Leaks Indicate That OnePlus 5 Will be Launched in the End of June

OnePlus 5 has been in the news for a long time and with the launch of the device looming large there are more updates coming our way. The latest leaks are of the opinion that the smartphone is going to hit the market in the latter part in the month of June and will have incredible specs and features.

One of the highlighting features of the smartphone is going to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. And that has been once again prompted by yet another leak which has appeared on the official page of Chinese website Weibo. The leak has been published on Weibo by Mocha RQ who has earned quite a bit of fame, thanks to a number of speculations which he has made correctly in the past. And the fans of the smartphones from OnePlus will be hoping that the rumors turn out to be true in the end.

OnePlus 5
New leaks of OnePlus 5 hints at incredible features and specs as well as design

Not just that, the post which has been made on Weibo also reveals that OnePlus 5 is going to be put on sale in the month of June. The smartphone has been rumored to come out on the market with a 2K display resolution which will certainly require a better battery backup. But if we go by Mocha RQ’s post on Weibo, the smartphone will have a full HD display, instead of a 2K one on its 5.5-inch screen. Also, that will be very much in line with the OnePlus 3T, the immediate predecessor of the OnePlus 5.

Along with that, the leakster is also of the opinion that OnePlus 5 will come out with the dual-lens rear camera. That is very much possible for most of the smartphones which have already come out or are yet to come out will sport a dual-lens camera. So it remains to be seen how the upcoming flagship smartphone from OnePlus shapes up as there are already a lot of speculations going on regarding the features as well as the release date of the smartphone.

It is not going to be too long before we can get an idea on that. And taking the cue from the leaked information of the OnePlus 5, it is going to be before the end of the month of June that we will come across the smartphone. Until then all that can be done is wait.

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