Latest News Indicates Honor 9 Giving up Headphone Jack

Huawei has been in the news and updates more frequently these days than many other smartphone developers in the market. And among the Chinese smartphone developers, it has managed to come up the rank, thanks to a number of outstanding smartphones which have come out from Huawei over the last few years. The recent news which has surfaced reveals that Huawei will launch Honor 9 within a few days and the latest images give some indication of how things are going to shape up when the smartphone comes out on the market.

Huawei Honor 9
Huawei Honor 9 leaked images have revealed that there isn’t going to be any 3.5 mm headphone jack (Image Source)

The leaked images have come out from one of the reliable sources which reveal the design of the smartphone in an elaborate manner. And the image of the top edge of the device has revealed that there isn’t going to be any headphone jack. This is going to be in line with the smartphones from Apple and as the latest trend goes, the giving up of the headphone jack is pretty common. So Huawei Honor 9 is also going to be one of the smartphones without the headphone jack.

Huawei Honor 9

The image of the bottom edge of the bezel in Huawei Honor 9 reveals that the smartphone will have the USB Type-C port as connectivity feature. Along with that a couple of grills can be noticed which certainly is dedicated for the output of the audio. Other than these, nothing much can be distinguished between Huawei Honor 9 and the Huawei Honor 8 which happens to be the predecessor of the upcoming smartphone from Huawei.

Also, the fact that the leaked images have indicated Huawei Honor 9 will resemble the appearance of its predecessors; there are possibilities that the smartphone is going to come out as Huawei Honor 8S or an updated version of the Huawei Honor 8. However, as nothing has been stated officially, all we can do is predict what is going to happen. But it seems that there is an announcement lined up which will be revealed very shortly for it has been quite a long time that we have been receiving news and updates regarding the Huawei Honor 9.

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