MIUI9 by Xiaomi is Expected to Launch Within July

The much-awaited MIUI9 by Chinese electronic company Xiaomi might is expected to launch in July 2017. Therefore, the users of the Xiaomi have already started mulling about the features of the UI.

Xiaomi’s MIUI9 may get released in July. Image Courtesy: Xiaomi MI 6 

The news of the MIUI9 having probabilities of getting launched in July came into the picture when Android Headlines reported about the same. The MIUI8 which got rolled ou on June 16, 2016, was well received by most people due to which they are now envisioning the MIUI8 by Xiaomi to be more powerful.

The UI is certainly going to feature much more premium features than its predecessor due to which the users who are eagerly waiting for the UI to hit the market have started thinking what exactly the MIUI9 could actually deliver.

Xiaomi is surely going to unveil some or the other feature of the upcoming UI when its release date approaches. Therefore, the users might get a surprise before its launch.

The split screen mode which was envisioned get equipped with the MIUI8 is now expected to come with the upcoming UI as per sources. However, the Xiaomi MIUI9 by is also expected to feature the facility of video as well as picture-in-picture functionality. Therefore, the curiosity buds of every Xiaomi users have already been tickled and now they cannot wait to see how the interface actually looks like.

The Android users have often come up with great reviews regarding the particular UI as it has hardly left them dispirited. And coming to Xiaomi, the Chinese tech company has been leaving its users in awe since the time it started creating its presence in the technology world.

Therefore, people always end up being positive about the new devices by Xiaomi and this time also they are quite optimistic about the MIUI9.

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