Xchime Video Doorbell: Instant HD Live Streams & Cloud Recording

If you’ve been searching for a video doorbell, you may have noticed that in recent months, your options have seemed to quadruple. But to aid in your search and potentially narrow down your options, I’d like to introduce Xchime, an affordable next generation smart video doorbell that has just hit Indiegogo.

Like many of its competitors, Xchime uses motion sensor technology to alert owners whenever it detects movement around their front door, and allows them to respond immediately via smartphone, tablet, or PC. Whether day or night, Xchime provides a crystal clear 1080p HD live view, offering convenience and home security right at your fingertips.

While some video doorbells require complicated wiring, installing Xchime is incredibly simple. It only requires replacing your previous doorbell with the Xchime mounting bracket and screwing the device in place. Once installed, Xchime works instantly with the Xchime App where you can control your new device, review footage, and receive and respond to alerts. Owners can even use the app to take a photo of their visitor, or record manually.

Despite being equipped with a normal doorbell, Xchime owners will know they have a visitor even before the ring goes off. One of Xchime’s stand-out features is cloud recording. As soon as the device detects motion, it begins to record. While I’m sure most of this footage will not be of use, should an unwelcome or suspicious character arrive, Xchime has got your back.

One of my favorite perks of choosing Xchime as your smart video doorbell is its inexpensive add-on accessories. Owners have the option of purchasing Xchime’s smart light and/or garage door opener.

In the evening, Xchime’s smart light bulb will automatically turn on when it detects motion. This can come in handy for your own safety when walking to the front door or it can help deter thieves by making it appear as if someone is home.


The Xchime garage door opener is also a neat accessory. Though a little more complicated to install, the garage door opener is great for those who tend to leave their door open by accident. With just one tap in the App, Xchime can open or close your garage for much added convenience.

No matter where you live, Xchime can be effectively used in harsh conditions, from -40˚F to 150˚F, in rain, snow, or intense humidity. Compared to other video doorbells, Xchime is an affordable and reliable product that will not let you down.

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