Will Upcoming Smartphones From LG Sport Secondary Display? New Patent Provides Clear Hint at That

LG has always been one of the most innovative among the leading smartphone developers when it comes to the design of a smartphone. The latest news which has come out reveals that a patent has been filed which shows that there is going to be a dual-screen in the upcoming smartphones from LG. At this moment we all are waiting for the launch of the LG V30 and LG G7 (at a distant future).

LG patent
The image of the new patent has shown that the upcoming smartphones from LG will have a number of new things [Image Source]

The patent has been filed with by Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service in the month of November last year. It shows that there are going to be quite a few buttons at the top edge of the smartphone which will be built on the basis of this patent. Amidst those buttons, there is the selfie camera in the middle. And the image has also revealed that the smartphone will have slim bezels which are very much in vogue these days.

The bottom edge of the smartphone is not clearly portrayed in the image. However, three things can be spotted, and it is believed that one of those three is going to be dedicated to the USB Type-C port. One of the remaining two might be the speaker while the third one could well be the headphone jack for the top edge does not reveal any clear hint that the 3.5 mm headphone jack is going to be placed there. It could be for something else as well for LG has been popular among all the tech enthusiasts for their experimental approach.

Apart from this, there have been lots of rumors going on around in the market regarding the features of the LG V30 which might hit the market in the second half of the current year. It was only yesterday that we came up with the news that LG V30 will be supportive of the Google Daydream VR which somewhat clarifies that the smartphone will sport an OLED panel. So it remains to be seen how things pan out in the future as a number of rumors and speculations are expected to come out very soon, at least until there is an official statement on that.

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