Zillion is the Smartest, Slimmest Wallet with Tile™ Smart Location Technology

Now available on Kickstarter is the Zillion Wallet: an incredibly slim wallet with Tile™ smart location technology and a built-in powerbank.

Founder of Zillion, Matt Orlic, was renowned for two things: losing his wallet and always running out of battery life. Leading a very on-the-go lifestyle, he would leave his wallet in all sorts of places. Sound familiar? Fearful that the next time he wouldn’t so easily retrieve his wallet, Orlic and his team got to work.

The Zillion Wallet is first equipped with, of course, a powerbank! Within the wallet is a 2500mAh battery and built-in cable, enough to give users a full charge on their smartphone. Problem number one solved.

As per the leaving the ol’ wallet behind situation, Zillion has partnered with Tile, a quite popular company known for their top-quality devices, network, and mobile app. Tile’s lost-and-found network is actually one of the world’s largest, with users across 200 countries and territories. With Tile’s tracking technology, there’s just no chance that your wallet will go missing, at least for very long.

If you do happen to misplace your Zillion Wallet, finding it is simple. Users just their phone, which will loudly ring the lost wallet via the Zillion App. Users can utilize the map feature to locate their wallet’s last known location and time. Finally, users may leverage Tile’s massive lost-and-found community to track down the wallet as well.

Along with this powerful technology, the Zillion Wallet is also ultra-slim and stylish. At only 6.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 12 cm, the Zillion Slimline Wallet is crafted using minimal layers, so it fits perfectly in every pocket. The exterior of the wallet is also made from ultra-soft 100% sheep leather and comes in both black or brown.

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