Asus ZenFone AR is Said to be Rolled Out in the India Market

There were several reports emerging regarding the Asus ZenFone release date, we had even stated that the phone would hit Asian market in June. And now we hear the smartphone will be soon rolled out in India. And this surely is a good news for all the users residing in the country.

asus zenfone ar
Asus ZenFone AR to be launched in India soon

The news about the phone’s release in India came into the picture when the same got posted on the official Twitter handle of the company.

It seems that the Asus ZenFone AR has become the second smartphone to sport the Google AI Project called Tango which happens to be one of the greatest features of the device. Therefore, it would surely attract the buyers due to which the phone might get sold in several units.

And this particular feature of the phone has made users more excited and now they cannot wait to get their hands on it. If talked about the other features of the Asus ZenFone AR, the device will come along with a RAM of 8GB which would be another attractive feature of the device. Therefore, we can expect a great performance by the device.

The smartphone developed by Asus has been already rolled out for sale in Taiwan and now the Indian users are eagerly waiting for the device to hit the country. There are quite a lot of features in the device which seem to be quite impressive. Therefore, the device has every possibility of getting well received by people.

The Asus ZenFone AR smartphone was highly awaited by most of the users and now it seems that some of them can finally sigh.

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