Google Chrome 59 For Android Brings Speedier Webpage Loads

American multinational technology company Google has brought a new update to its freeware web browser Google Chrome. The new update, Google Chrome 59, loads web pages 10-20 percent faster than they otherwise would. It also takes less memory and features a number of bug improvements and a couple of stabilities.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome 59 is presently being rolled out to Android devices through Google Play Store.

Although the browser may have the same appearance, Google has made a couple of tweaks under the hood that would seriously improve the browser’s performance, as per Forbes.

With the new update of Chrome 59, full support for animated PNGs, also known as APNGs would also be there. APGNs are very much similar to GIFs, although they support 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency, which gives them a better quality than that of GIFs. This format has been supported in Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s iOS 10.

Google Chrome 59 is presently being rolled out to Android devices through Google Play Store.

For the past couple of months, Google has been working on to make a number of improvements to Chrome for Android. Last month in May 2017, the browser was updated by Google in order to add support for saving content for offline viewing. This feature not only makes it easier for people to browse the web pages in the absence of an internet connection but it also takes a bite out of services like Pocket.

For downloading content for viewing offline, all you need to do is open a page and open the menu. You will then notice a small download button. After that, you need to hit the ‘Download’ button for browsing through your downloaded content. You then will be able to scroll through everything you have saved.

In April, the company was working to add a built-in ad-blocker for Chrome.

Google Chrome has a worldwide usage share of 62%  of all web browsers as a desktop browser. It also has 52% market share across all platforms combined. It is also the most popular browser for smartphones in the world.

Check out the details of Google Chrome 59 from the video below.

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