Leaked Renders Hint at Google Pixel 2 Resembling the Design of LG G6

It is nothing new that one of the two Pixel smartphones from Google is going to be built by LG. So it is not too surprising that the design of the Google Pixel 2 is going to resemble the design of one of the flagships from the South Korean tech giant. And the leaked image which has come up clearly shows that the design of the Google Pixel 2 is going to bear close resemblance with that of the LG G6.

The leaked image which has been spotted on Reddit, thanks to one of the users, reveals that the smartphone from Google will have thin bezels. In LG G6 we have seen that the bezels are equally divided both on the top as well as the bottom of the device. However, if the thin bezels in Google Pixel 2 come close to that, there are marked differences as well. Unlike the LG G6, Google Pixel 2 almost does not have any bezel on the bottom of the screen whereas it is thin on the top. And in that area, the proximity sensor and the front camera can be noticed. So there are quite a few differences, despite the fact that there are major similarities in the design of the LG G6 and Google Pixel 2. And also, this update is very much in line with the previous one where it was predicted that Google Pixel 2 will come with a bezel-less display.

Google Pixel 2 Reddit Concept Render
Leaked image of the Google Pixel 2 on Reddit reveals that it appears very close to the LG G6 [Image Source]

Now getting on the back of the device, the image reveals that very much like the LG G6, the two lenses of the camera in the upcoming smartphone from Google are placed horizontally. And both the lenses are flanked by the LED flashes. In LG G6 also, we have the dual lens camera placed side-by-side each other. However, the LED flash is placed in between the two lenses. So once again, minute differences can be noticed in the design.

Other than that, below the camera setup on the rear side of the handset, the fingerprint scanner can be noticed. And further below the logo of the manufacturer can be noticed well. From the outset, it seems that the Google Pixel 2 is going to look pretty attractive.

However, there is no official confirmation from Google regarding how the smartphone is going to appear. So the leaked image of Google Pixel 2 can be regarded as one of the speculations. Further rumors and updates are bound to come in and to keep an eye on that, stay in touch with us.

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