Bombtech Shakes Up Golf Industry with High Quality, Direct-to-Consumer Gear

Tyler “Sully” Sullivan discovered his love for golf when he was in high school, but it wasn’t until after college did he learn how they were assembled. Out of pure passion and without expectations, Sully decided to create his own. Little did he know, this was the beginning of Bombtech, a company that would grow to become a huge success and disrupt an entire industry.

Now, Bombtech is revolutionizing how golf clubs are sold, providing quality golf equipment at an affordable price. By skipping the middlemen, refusing expensive pro endorsements, and eliminating retail overhead, Bombtech passes on the savings by providing clubs directly to the consumer. It’s this commitment to service that has allowed Bombtech to grow nearly 300% every year since launch in 2012.

“BombTech golf is dedicated to offering the best golf equipment on the market at direct-to-consumer pricing. I don’t care about pro contracts or having our products in retail. I only care about you.” says Sullivan

In the past five years, over 100,000 golfers have put Bombtech to the test against more expensive brands. In fact, Bombtech has a 95% satisfaction rate, proving that its direct-to-consumer gear performs head-to-head alongside some of the big name companies whose clubs can cost a pretty penny.

Sullivan explains that when he initially told a friend he wanted to design his own clubs, his friend thought he was out of his mind. However, he suggested reaching out to the University of Vermont where they both attended. Sullivan was quickly chosen for a senior design project and worked with a group of senior students to design what would become the original dual cavity Grenade Driver designed to reduce drag.

From there, Sullivan moved on to launch his own product expansions separately. “I utilized social media to truly ask questions and build an audience that would be ready when my product came out. Customer service and effective use of social media is crucial to grow profitably. I am that confident you will not find a better combination of service, value and performance.”

More recently, Bombtech has launched the Grenade Driver 2 with an aerodynamic design created to break up airflow and reduce drag. With its premium graphite shaft, it is also more stable, lighter, and lower torque.  

In the future, Bombtech will launch their first game-based product, beer putt, which will expand their product line to non-golfers as well as open up the gift market.

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