Dead Island For Xbox & PS4 To Launch in US

Killing zombies has become more interesting as Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide are coming together in Xbox and PS4. Unleashing the power of these games perhaps Techland is in the mood of experiment with crazes of this series before the launch of the Deadline Island 2. If this launch goes hit then there is a big chance that Dead Island 2 will also come in these formats in while debuting in the market.

The versions for Xbox and PS4 are coming with better resolution (1080 P) and improved newly unified interfaces! Enhanced gaming textures with better and smoother zombies! – I liked it.

Dead Island for Xbox and PS4

Downloadable content and patches are used to enable these two games of this series to run on Xbox and PS4 though there is no news about the release on PS3, if it comes to it you will need a ps3 emulator to play on PC. Apart from these two a new game named Dead Island Retro Rampage which is basically a combined form of the two games launched in US market. From 31st May it will go for sale at US$40.

It’s a ray of hope that Techland may introduce Dead Island 2 in all three versions together.

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