Google Feed Introduced to Stream Seamlessly on iOS & Android Devices

American multinational tech conglomerate, Google proposes a personalized streaming experience, which the company announced today (July 19). With the introduction of Google’s news feed, ‘Google feed‘, users will be eligible to explore news, articles, and videos related to their desired topic. Much similar to Facebook’s ‘news feed’, Google feed will appear in its flagship app for iOS and Android (including the Pixel Launcher).

Sourced Content Indicates Google Feed Introduced by Google

Pushing an intriguing update to the main Google app, the company introduces an overhauled feed which includes items drawn from users’ search histories as well as topics they wish to follow. With wide hopes, Google is wishing users to open the app just like they do when it comes to Facebook or Twitter. Launching today in the US, the Google feed will be introduced around the globe during the days to come. It has been more than four years since Google Now, the personal AI of Google was introduced.

Now an update is going to be delivered by Google to its Google app introduced last year. To use the feature, users just need to open the Google app and scroll up in order to get started. Originally usable on mobile search app, the Google feed update will eventually be available on the page as well as browsers. With betterment in understanding capabilities, Google is intending to offer broader context alongside deeper exploration.

Furthermore, this is what Google’s ultimate motto is with the new feed, according to the official blog post: “To provide information from diverse perspectives, news stories may have multiple viewpoints from a variety of sources, as well as other related information and articles. And when available, you’ll be able to fact check and see other relevant information to help get a more holistic understanding about the topics in your feed.

With this latest update, users will be allowed to cultivate their interests and experience positive impact, instead of spending more time and energy without enjoying the exploration. According to Google, the feed will be ad-free for the time being, but that might change in the future. So we have all fingers crossed for future revelations.

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