Meizu Pro 7 Release Date Gets Officially Confirmed

It’s been quite a long while that news and updates have been flowing in regarding the upcoming smartphone from Meizu. It is one of the Chinese smartphone developers which have managed to grab the attention of the tech enthusiasts and the Meizu Pro 7 is the device which is the center of attraction at this moment.

Meizu Pro 7 launch Invitation on Weibo
The launch invitation of the Meizu Pro 7 as revealed on Weibo [Image Source]

Of late we have got the update that the launch of the device is going to be held in the ongoing month only. In fact, the previous rumors had suggested that it is going to be on July 26 that the handset will be out on the market. And the rumors have eventually turned out to be true as the official statement has confirmed the release date of Meizu Pro 7 as of July 26.

Meizu Pro 7 Official Launch
Meizu Pro 7 will be launched on July 26

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has released an official statement on the Weibo which is the most popular social networking site in China. The invitation has revealed that the event will take place at Zhuhai Opera House, at Zhuhai in China where the headquarters of Meizu is situated. The event will kick off at 7:30 PM local time.

Now one interesting point about the invitation is the word ‘window’ which Meizu has used. It is believed that the ‘window’ refers to the much talked about secondary screen of the Meizu Pro 7. Experts are of the opinion that the secondary screen will enable the users to take a look at the notifications even when the device remains turned off. It can perhaps perform the role of a viewfinder as well. Surely, this ‘window’ seems to be the highlighting feature of the upcoming handset from Meizu.

Definitely, there are lots of other things which remain to be revealed and that can happen only when the device gets unveiled on July 26 during the event in China. So stay tuned to get further updates related to the Meizu Pro 7.

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