Moto Z2 Force to Launch With 2730mAh Battery on July 25

Motorola is set to launch the Moto Z2 Force on July 25 and amongst the incredible hype surrounding the phone, the latest news regarding it’s 2730mAh battery has given rise to concerns. There are a couple of other speculations that runs the risk of making you less excited than you probably are right now.

Moto Z2 Force
The Moto Z2 Force

Venture Beat’s Evan Blass have reported that Moto’s upcoming smartphone, Moto Z2 Force will come packed with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and 6GB of RAM but the variant will only be available in the US and a 4 GB RAM variant would be available everywhere else. Also, the handset will come with a storage of 128GB but folks in the US will receive lesser internal storage.

Like we reported earlier, the front camera remains a low 5-megapixels and the rear camera will have a dual-camera set of 12-megapixels but that’s a downsizing from the Moto Z Force’s 21-megapixels rear camera. Now coming to the small 2,730 mAh battery of the new Moto Z2 Force, it is a disappointment compared to the Moto Z Force’s 3500mAh. The battery has been made smaller to take make the handset thinner and sleeker but looks like it’s too much of a sacrifice.

Normally when a follow-up phone emerges one does not expect it to be less than its predecessor. One can’t help but feel like the new Moto Z2 Force will be a big disappointment. Some two weeks ago, it was Evan Blass who leaked the design of the handset on Twitter. From the picture, we managed to deduce a handful of other features for the phone. It’ll sport a 5.5-inch display featuring ShatterShield and a resolution of 1440×2560. The handset is seen sporting a 3.5mm headset jack, a USB Type-C, as well as an SD slot for where one can expand the memory for up to 2TB.

The Moto Z2 Force rolls out in the July 25.

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