Sims 4 Rolling Out for Xbox One; Release Date Leaked

With the sales figures happening to fall disappointingly with Sims 4, developers have been working harder than ever on improving fans’ experience of the game. Such that, there are multiple numbers of DLCs and expansion packs in order to gain fans’ interests. Initially, PC gamers received the installment of life-simulation video game series, Sims 4 back in 2014. Now, time is possibly unveiling some good news for Xbox One owners, making them fortunate to get hold of Sims 4 (different version) on their consoles.

Sims 4 to Launching  for Xbox One Owners

However, no further official news has been claimed by the developers Maxis and publisher EA concerning Sims 4 to arrive on Xbox One console. But as reported, Microsoft Store’s product page listed Sims 4 to launch for Xbox One on November 17, this year.

As reported, Maxis and Blind Squirrel Entertainment are finally on the verge of attempting to release Sims 4 to Xbox One, after three years of its inital PC release. In addition, the version will appear on Xbox One with an inclusion of new features. Gamers will get the chance to create their own Sims house by using room-based Build mode. With innovative features designed by developers, players can build their perfect home by picking the decors. Creativity will have no bounds, as gamers are offered with an improvised customization option to delicately handle their characters, select random clothing, as well as pick hair styles.

Reportedly, while the Sims 4 received toddlers to the game, the executive producer Lyndsay Pearson said, “We just had to find the right time, resources, and design to allow us to start the heavy process of actually building and bringing toddlers to life. And believe me when I say it has been really really difficult to not talk about this as we worked to get it right.

It seems like developer Maxis is making its best possible efforts in regaining the lost reputation of Sims games when we are concerned with Sims 4. And by unveiling the Sims 4 game on Xbox One, the lost fame of Sims 4 might regain its position by Xbox One fans getting their hands the game. However, gamers might expect another installment which might come in the long run, Sims 5. But until devs are satisfied with the financial figures won through Sims 4, the aforementioned anticipated game might not be a possibility.

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