Sony To Soon Release Three New Walkman With Up To 64GB Storage

Remember the Sony Walkman? In the early ’90s, they were all the rage as nearly every cool kid on the block had one, and every aspiring cool kid wished they had one. Now, although the Walkman brand has long been surpassed by other, later entries in the portable music listening device segment, it seems that Sony has not yet given up on the range. A new range of Sony Walkman devices has cleared the FCC, which means that they will launch soon.

The recently launched Sony Walkman NW-A35

Sony Walkman Features

While not much is known about the new devices’ external build or features, we have learned that the new models bear the model numbers NW-A45, NW-A46, and NW-A47. Initially, they will only be launched in the United States. The internal flash storage, according to the documents at the FCC, is the main area where the differences between the three new devices will lie. While the NW-A45 Sony Walkman may likely carry 16GB of internal storage, the NW-A46 is scheduled to have around 32GB of storage. While Sony Walkman has got waylaid over the years, it now seems that Sony is intent on bringing it back. Also, it seems that the new devices will have wired headphones as opposed to the new trend of wireless ones.

On the other hand, the NW-A47 Sony Walkman model will have 64GB of internal flash storage, the maximum offered in this range. The new Sony Walkman may also get Bluetooth connectivity. Sources reveal that these new devices will have bigger battery capacities when compared to the NW-A35, the last released Sony Walkman device released in February this year. Besides, the NW-A35 had a touchscreen display which might indicate that at least the top variant of the new range may have this feature. Watch this space for more.

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