Telegram Introduces Snapchat’s Self-Destructing Feature

Smartphone users, conveniently have received delightful features offered by Snapchat messaging app. Much like the Snapchat app, Telegram has now borrowed a feature pretty much identical to that of the aforementioned app. On Sunday the Telegram team launched a new version of Telegram app (v4.2) by which users are offered with a self-destructing timer for videos as well as photos.

Telegram App Gets Self-Destructing Feature

According to reports, the dedicated Telegram team offers the 4.2 version of the app, thereby stating, “We have completely redesigned our photo editing tools, and it takes you even fewer taps to make your photos look amazing. In addition, you can now set a self-destruct timer for any photos and videos you share in private chats.

Furthermore, right after users set a timer, the countdown begins and “your recipient opens the photo or video you sent. After the time runs out, the photo/video will disappear forever, just like in Secret Chats.” And if the recipient wishes for a screenshot of the disappeared content, a notification will be offered to you prior to it.

With improvised version, users are capable of adding bios to their profiles. Tapping a few extraordinary things about yourself in ‘Settings’ will do the task. Bios are somehow convenient in spreading your personal info to communicate with new users in large groups.

Telegram app will confidently depend on a distributed network CDN to cache publicly available videos as well as photos posted in massive channels of 100,000+ member. This will have a direct impact in resulting a significant increase in downloading speed for millions of Telegram users across the globe.

Last but not the least, users are allowed to enlarge the scrolling area when it comes to stickers, thereby making the usage easier than before. Of note, Telegram new version of 4.2 is available on Google Play Store as well as App Store.

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