Upcoming iPhone’s Features Teased by HomePod Firmware

Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the high-end smartphones- iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus & iPhone 8. Radically the models won’t be different from what fans were offered last year. With the news appearing recently, we have been reported by the developer Steve Troughton-Smith that one of the many anticipated models of iPhone will have a couple of unique features.

Reportedly, one of the devices either iPhone Pro, iPhone 8 or even iPhone X will have a face unlock feature a bezel-less screen wrapping around the camera and speakers at the top. Developers including Troughton-Smith have been repeatedly examining the code inside Apple HomePod (that contains almost all the code base for iPhones). Accidentally, Apple has mistakenly pushed the firmware last week which was grabbed by eminent developers. And as discovered, it included the reference to other devices in the code along with iPhone version too.

As per as the code reference, there were a bunch of lines of code. The “BKFaceDetect” with probable reports refer to Biometric Kit for the “BK”. The Cupertino tech conglomerate efficiently uses the word “Kit” for its developer tools. And if at all we go with the reference, there’s also an inclusion of an infrared camera which would be capable enough of detecting users’ face even in the lack of light.

With further reports, the code also included the aforementioned image. However, unlike the previous images, this particular image cannot easily be faked, appearing exact in the code of the HomePod. Expectations offer us that we are possibly getting an iPhone with an inclusion of an edge to edge screen. But this particular implementation has already been offered on Android phones. And Android fans have got their hands on both the face unlock feature as well as a wrapping screen around the sensor.

With speculations, we also expect the next iPhone device to come with a TouchID feature. But until the developers don’t confirm anything officially, we are still on the hype.

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