Best Look at Samsung Galaxy Note 8 So Far Revealed by Leakster

It is no secret that Samsung is getting ready to launch the Galaxy Note 8 later this month. The new addition to the company’s famed phablet line up has a lot to prove this time around, including achieving the mammoth task of sealing people’s faith once again. Leaks have not been lacking to keep the hype alive, and we recently saw it pass through the FCC. Now one of those leaks comes from reputed journalist and tech insider Evan Blass.

Blass has recently shared a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and his history as an insider is a clear indication to the fact that the image does, indeed, belong to the Note 8. But while this is to be treated as a leak, the picture appears to be an official one. Unlike what leaked renders usually look like, the image in question lacks the associated shadiness and instead celebrates the gorgeous device in all its glory.

One can take a good look at the Galaxy Note 8’s extended 6.3-inch Edge-display, which is flanked by thin bezels both at the top and bottom. On the sides, all the usual buttons, including the one for calling Bixby to attention, can be seen. The top bezel houses the secondary camera and a couple of sensors besides the earpiece, while the bottom one is devoid of anything. We can only sigh at the latter: no in-display fingerprint scanner for a Samsung flagship this time either.

The Galaxy Note 8 is set to make its debut to the world on August 23, which is only a few weeks away. It makes sense that Samsung would try to keep the industry talking before the designated time arrives. Besides all that we have heard, the new phablet is also rumored to come with a Bixby-compatible headset which could be bundled with the device at launch. More leaks will undoubtedly follow soon, and we look forward to those.

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