WhatsApp Introduces Better File Sharing Facilities with their New Update

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services among the users across the continents. And it seems that it is going to hold on to that spot quite easily as there are not many apps which can question its supremacy. The latest update which the developer of the app has released is going to make the situation much more beneficial for the users.

Previously the users of WhatsApp could only send media files of a limited size. With the new update which has been rolled out for the Android users, one will be able to send a file of size up to 100 MB. This is a welcome change for the users. Not just that, previously WhatsApp used to compress the media files (particularly images) while sending it from one user to the other. But with the latest update, the app will not compress any such file and it will go through in its original form. The users now can send different formats of the file through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has rolled out a new update that enables a user to share files of various formats [Image Source]

Another important aspect of the new update of the messaging app is the updated calling interface. WhatsApp calling has got a new call screen design. That will definitely make the app look even more attractive.

However, the highlight of this new update from WhatsApp is the file sharing option. For the users of the devices on the iOS platform, things are looking even brighter as the upper limit of the file size is set at 1288 MB. And one can even send ZIP or APK files as documents. What remains to be seen in the upcoming days is the fact that whether the upper limit of the file size is going to be increased or not for the Android users. Previously they introduced the pin chat feature which is quite an incredible feature. Surely we will come across something in the coming days and keep your eyes here to stay updated about all these instantaneously.

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