Bethesda May Be Working on a ‘Game Of Thrones’ Video Game

HBO’s prized series Game Of Thrones has recently concluded its penultimate season with a bang, and there is a year’s worth of waiting ahead of fans to know what becomes of the conflicts. However, it now appears that there is a new game based on the series in the pipelines, undertaken by none other than video game giant Bethesda.

The new title was recently spotted as an incomplete Target listing with next to no details attached. Discovered first on NeoGAF (via Gamespot) the post is still in existence at this point. There is no proper confirmation if this is actually a video game- the only indication on this front is the Bethesda name attached to it. If this is what we think it is, there are numerous ways it could go. You can refer below for how the listing looks, or go here directly.

Bethesda Game of Thrones

Being the massive hit that Game of Thrones has been throughout its seven years (and continuing) run, some noted game developers have already taken the plunge. However, little can be said about the success these games have seen. If Bethesda is working on a new Game of Thrones title, then this could be the one fans have been waiting for.

Bethesda director Todd Howard had confirmed earlier this year that the studio had quite a few projects coming up. Their presence at E3 2017 was marked by some very interesting reveals, including fresh sequels to The Evil Within and Wolfenstein: The New Order, both of which came out in 2014. But as long as we were in sequelsville, there was no mention of the name that has kept hopes dangling since Skyrim. The reason, Pete Hines told Gamespot, was that they did not want to be known merely as the creators of The Elder Scrolls or Fallout games.

At the same time, however, it is clear that TES 6 has not been discarded. “I think Todd and his team have earned the right, given the quality of this stuff, to be able to say, ‘We know everybody really wants Elder Scrolls VI, but we as creative people want to be able to do stuff that we’re really passionate about.’ And I think once you see how the next two titles come out and then how Elder Scrolls 6 ties into what those games are doing and about, I think it’ll all make sense. But I think it’s going to be a while before all those things happen.”

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