Capsule Skateboards Takes on Deforestation with Materials Never Used Before

Longtime skateboarder Andreas Charalambous had always dreamed of building an affordable, more durable, yet eco-friendly skateboard for him and his friends. Now, he’s done it and he’s using materials that have never been incorporated into skateboards before. The result is an impact-absorbing skateboard that is 600% more durable, 100% recyclable, has a 0% delamination risk, slides faster, pops higher, and is unaffected by  all environmental conditions. Introducing Capsule Skateboards.

“For me, skateboarding is a combination of freedoms. Freedom to go anywhere, freedom to do anything, freedom of the spirit. It is also unacceptable, that the most unconventional sport remains conventional on one crucial thing: the skateboard’s construction and materials that are used,” says Charalambous.

Skateboard manufacturing is currently the #1 cause of maple deforestation in North America, using roughly 1.5 million maple trees per year. Capsule Skateboard’s patent-pending board structure is based on common plastics that are specifically processed in a unique order to assure they are transformed from layers to one solid body, eliminating the need for any wood.

Available now on the Indiegogo Campaign are several skateboards and longboards with a variety of designs sure to catch your eye. This includes the “action figure” board that displays a cool cat with an eye patch and a galaxy background. Capsule also has two longboard styles, one designed for freestyle and freeriding, and the other for freeriding and downhill riding.

“Our skateboards and longboards are the most innovative products to hit the market. After years of development, we have achieved the most unique combination of features that a board can offer to its owner.”

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