Nokia 8 May Run Android 8.0, Geekbench Listing Suggests

The Nokia 8 has been creating a lot of buzz lately, and for all the right reasons. Even before its release date was leaked, the smartphone had been spotted nearly everywhere, revealing a lot of its secrets. The latest leak, however, suggests that the Nokia 8 is going to be a very special flagship indeed.

The upcoming Nokia 8 smartphone has recently been spotted on Geekbench. Now before you dismiss it on account of just how many of these we have seen over the past months, take a closer look, and another very interesting detail will make itself apparent. According to this new listing, the Nokia 8, codenamed “Unknown Heart,” is about to come with Android 8.0 straight out of the box.

Nokia 8
The Nokia 8 Geekbench Listing

Now not all benchmark listings turn out to hold trues when a device is launched. And we had previously seen the same device on Geekbench, where the listing referred to Android 7.1.1 being the OS for the upcoming flagship. However, there are numerous possibilities. Last year, the LG V20 was the first smartphone to have come with Android Nougat running out of the box. However, the OS came to the Google Nexus devices via an over the air update shortly before that.

In terms of possibilities, the latter seems like a more feasible option for the Nokia 8. The new flagship is slated to come out on August 16, and Android O probably won’t be making it to a device upon launch until after this month. However, it is possible that the Nokia 8 will first device to get Android O as an update.

The Nokia 8 has been leaked many times over, and one of the most recent ones shows off the device in a copper colour variant, while also focusing on the Zeiss dual-camera unit at the back. A model in silver may also be on the way.

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