LG V30 To Have Gorilla Glass 5 Protection, Thinner Bezels, Bang and Olufsen Audio

Yesterday, we had informed you that the upcoming LG V30 would have a superb 6-inch screen and a ‘floating bar’ which would take the place of the secondary display. Now, we have some more information for you. A new report has all but confirmed LG’s designs of making the new device boast of as big a display as possible with extremely thin displays.

This report, first published by the Korea Herald, which closely follows LG, which is also a South Korean company, has confirmed our earlier report on the 6-inch screen. It goes on to detail some of the other features aboard the new device. The top bezel will be 20 percent thinner while the bottom bezel will be an astonishing 50 percent thinner. This essentially means that the new device will have a much better screen-to-body ratio than the LG V20, which it is set to succeed. This also means the display will look bigger without the physical size of the display being actually increased.

The LG V30
The new LG V30

Other new features include the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection, which is essential for such a premium device. Besides, the V30 will also have matchless audio quality thanks to the Bang and Olufsen audio system on board. This Danish company, commonly known by the abbreviation B&O, is well known for manufacturing high-end audio systems and devices.

Besides, the new LG device will also have IP68 water and dust resistance certification. This will help the users in even the most challenging of environments. The LG logo which normally adorns the bottom bezel at the front is also set to be removed as it will allow more space.

The LG V30 will also have better cameras, as evidenced by the presence of a larger optic aperture, something which we had reported on earlier. This is important as the lower the aperture level is, the more light is let inside. This leads to better and brighter pictures. We have already informed you about the release date of the V30. Stay tuned for more updates.

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