Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Likely to Launch on August 31: Reports

If the latest news reports are correct, we may well be looking at the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 come August 31. The new Mi Note 3 is a very specific device for discerning customers and is bound to be a worthy successor to the Mi Note 2. Also, we have previously covered the upcoming device in some detail, as the release date was rapidly approaching. We had also predicted that the device would launch soon given that the price of the preceding Mi Note 2 had been slashed.

There is some conflict on whether the new device that will be launched is the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 or the latest Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 device. Take, for example, the tweet from the official Xiaomi account you see below.

The tweet provides no hint on which product is being launched. Having said that, since there is a major Xiaomi device launch scheduled for September 5. However, Xiaomi‘s former Public Relations Manager Yang Lin stated on popular Chinese social networking site Weibo stated that he expected the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3, and not the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. The Mi Mix 2 is expected to launch around the end of the year.

We also expect that the new device that will be launched is bound to be the new Xiaomi Mi Note 3. We had earlier reported that the new device would launch soon. The new device is expected to add some punch to the current product lineup from Xiaomi. We expect that this device will be popular with the discerning customer as well.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 3 will have some very good specs and features, as we have already informed you. There is expected to be a curved glass display on offer and a very good screen-to-body ratio. Samsung will supply the display and we expect a 2K resolution on board as well.

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