WWE 2K18 PC Release Date Is October 17; Console Folks Can Still Be Ahead

WWE 2K PC fans may have never had it fair, but things are about to change this year. WWE 2K18 PC version finally has a release date: October 17, 2017. If the date sounds familiar, it is because this is the very date that the game is coming out on consoles.

“In a first for the WWE 2K series, WWE 2K18 is releasing on PC the same day as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! On October 17th, both the standard and deluxe editions of WWE 2K18 will go live on Steam and various other PC retailers around the globe,” the team announced today.

WWE 2K18 PC Release date

Before this year, the wait for WWE 2K PC games has been stretched long, often resulting in a delay of nearly half-a-year. Take a look at last year’s game, WWE 2K17, for instance. Although the console versions landed on shelves on October 11, 2016, the PC version was released in February this year. The one notable exception was Japan, where both console and PC versions were released in March 2017. On the other hand, while WWE 2K16 was made available for supported Xbox and PlayStation platforms in late October 2015, PC gamers couldn’t get hold of it until March 2016.

However, today’s announcement also points out that┬áconsole and PC owners will be not on the exact same footing regarding when WWE 2K18 becomes playable for them. The four-day heads up from pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition will not apply to PC. However, “those who pre-order either edition will receive two versions of Kurt Angle on day one.”

WWE 2K18 is the first game in the franchise to give seventh generation consoles the exclusionary treatment. Unlike the entries of many years over the past, the game is not coming to Xbox 360 or PS3. Instead, it will be an eighth generation exclusive on that front, coming only to the PS4 and the (recently discontinued) Xbox One. At the same time, the WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch version boasts yet another first for the series, although we are yet to get a proper release date for the same.

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