The OnePlus 5T With 6-inch Display And 18:9 Aspect Ratio May Be En Route After All

Last week, we had informed you that the OnePlus 6 would be the phone which would be the one that replaces the OnePlus 5. Now, however, we are yet again seeing reports that the OnePlus 5T may be on its way. The OnePlus 5 has been one of the top-selling devices by the company for the last few months as it comes with a great slew of features accompanied by a mid-range price tag.

Should this rumor be true, the OnePlus 6 may not be coming anytime soon. The new OnePlus 5T may make landfall in November 2017. This means that the OnePlus company, which is a Chinese giant, will have the same old trick up its sleeve: making the 5T available immediately after the OnePlus 5 becomes popular. Remember that the OnePlus 5 already has sold out in many countries.

OnePlus 5T
The new render of the OnePlus 5T. Image via GizmoChina

One of the first changes we saw in the low-resolution render is the fact that the screen size has been bumped up to a mammoth 6-inches, something the OnePlus 6 rumor also said.This 6-inch display will have a 2160 x 1080p resolution and it will have an 18:9 smartphone, which will make it ideal for wide-screen movies. Vivo has, this year, announced 18:9 flagship smartphones, like the Vivo X20 and the Vivo X20 Plus. That OnePlus has decided to manufacture bigger phones with bigger displays is suggestive.  Given that the OnePlus 5 is already impressively specced out, it will be impressive to see how powerful the OnePlus 5T will be.

From the front, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to have been a major design inspiration. The bezels on the top and the bottom are thin and the 18:9 aspect ratio is ideal for the taller-than-usual design. The edges look slightly curved and it will be interesting to see if the curved edge display will be a possibility. From our leaked renders, we believe that the new OnePlus 5T will look similar to the OPPO F5.

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