Portrait Mode Coming Soon on The Samsung Galaxy S8’s Camera

The portrait mode is soon coming on the Samsung Galaxy S8‘s cameras. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is already a great phone for all practical purposes. It also has very good cameras. With the portrait mode being added, we believe that the Galaxy S8 will be an even more extraordinary phone. Portrait modes are common on most modern smartphones in the current generation.

Remember that the current Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a single camera on both the front and rear sides. Despite several features, the Galaxy S8 comes woefully underprepared when it comes to photography. This is why, in a response to a customer, the South Korean giant gave away its game: it is perhaps planning to put in a new fix in the next SW (software) update come the near future.

A customer had asked the company if the portrait mode was available on its smartphone. In an email reply, the company said,”there is no information yet, but we hope that you will get portrait mode update with the next SW.” screenshot of what the company had to say has been attached and this has been obtained via this source from GizBot.

Samsung Galaxy S8
The email exchange from Samsung

Now, normally the email responses from such companies only have the common answers to such questions. However, this answer was more detailed and it shows off the last part of the emailed response, where it shows off the fact that the company representative says that a new SW update will fix the Portrait Mode.

Since the new Samsung Galaxy S8 lacks the telephoto lens which graces the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it lacks in certain areas. The device also cannot capture the photos in Bokeh effect. Should the Galaxy S8 get the portrait mode, it is more than likely that the Galaxy S8 Plus will also get the feature. The portrait mode on the 80-degree wide-angle lens will be great to see.

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