Vodafone’s New Plan for Pre-Paid Customers Offers Great Tariff Rates

Vodafone, which is India’s second-largest telecom carrier, has unveiled a new tariff plan. This new plan is aimed specifically at the pre-paid customers. Ever since the advent of the Reliance Jio juggernaut, the company has been in talks with various stakeholders to strengthen its presence in India. The new development is being seen as a step in that direction.

Earlier this year, the British company had tied up with Ericsson to make sure its domestic 4G network was upgraded and was at par with the best.

The new Vodafone plan is aimed at the pre-paid customers in the Rest of Bengal or RoB circle. All the customers in this telecom circle ca choose to join the Vodafone family by the Mobile Number Portability system or MNP.

Check out Vodafone’s next plans

A total of 4 new plans have been offered. These range in values between Rs 49 and Rs 493.

The lowest plan, at Rs 49 plan, will give the customer 1GB of either 3G or 4G data while the Rs 96 plan will offer 2GB of 3G or 4G data for a total of 28 days. Then there is the Rs. 299 plan which is set to offer unlimited Vodafone to Vodafone calls as well as 1GB 3G or 4G data. Finally, the Rs 493 plan, which is at the highest spectrum, will offer a total of free 84GB data (including 1GB of 3G/4G data), as well as unlimited voice calls, to any network.

Vodafone has been struggling to stand up in a cut-throat market. It had recently announced the launch of the “Bharat2 Ultra” budget smartphone, which can be availed at Rs 999. The company has manufactured this device in association with Indian telecom OEM Micromax. The total price of the smartphone is Rs 2,899 and the customers have to recharge their smartphones with an amount of Rs 150 every month for 3 years. The customer will then be eligible for a cashback of Rs 900 at the end of that period.

After another 18 months, the customer will be eligible for a cashback of Rs 1000 in their Vodafone M-Pesa wallet. This sum can be used for digital transactions or can also be withdrawn.

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