Apple Has Sold Around 15 Million iPhone X Units So Far, 256GB Model Favored

Apparently, Apple has managed to sell around 15 million Apple iPhone X units as of now, with most of the customers choosing to buy the 256GB storage version in place of the 64GB storage variant. This is also consistent with what we have learned from the sales figures of the Cupertino giant. A very large chunk of the sales has come from last week’s Black Friday sales, apparently.

First reported by StreetInsider, Apple has still to comment on the veracity of the report and it is still unclear if the sales figures are in sync with the growth volume that the company had desired. The report quoted Rosenblatt China Technology analyst, Jun Zhang, who has also reiterated that the company is well on the way to establish itself yet again at the head of the flagship table.

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The latest iPhone X sales volumes

Most people have bought the 256GB variant of the Apple iPhone X. This is despite the fact that the 256GB variant sells for well over $1000 and was initially thought to be overpriced. Even some of the secondary markets have seen exceedingly good sales volumes. For example, the device was received warmly in India.

Analysts have also predicted that the sales volumes will pick up once December arrives. While the sales estimates have picked up from an estimated 28 to 29 million units to 30 million units, the sales volumes for the company for the next quarter have been revised too. Keeping in mind seasonal factors, it is estimated that the device will sell around 40 million units come next quarter instead of around 45 million units.

KGI’s security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is a noted voice on Apple, said last week that Apple is currently producing 450,000 to 550,000 units every day. This is an escalation over the 50,000 to 150,000 units per day that the company was manufacturing a few weeks back. Overall, Apple is laughing its way to the bank, it now seems.

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