Possible Blackberry KEYone Successor Seen on GeekBench

Blackberry, which had taken the world by storm this year when they announced the Blackberry KEYone, may be planning to repeat that act that they pulled off. We had previously covered the KEYone device when it was launched in India. The KEYone was a generally well-received device and had won big against the likes of the other flagship launches like the LG G6, as we have compared here. Now, a successor of the device may likely have been spotted on GeekBench.

How do we know that the device that we spotted on GeekBench is a successor to the Blackberry KEYone? Well, the giveaway was the model number. The name of the device that we spotted is “QUALCOMM BBF100-1”. Incidentally, the BlackBerry Motion had borne the model number BBD-100-X while, on the other hand, the BlackBerry KEYone comes with a model number of BBB100-X. Remember that the number X will change depending on the region of the world the device is launching in.

This basically means the QUALCOMM BBF100-1 may possibly be the successor to BlackBerry’s own KEYone. Apart from the model number, the GeekBench listing shows off some other details: it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor which is a splendid octa-core processor that has eight Cortex A53 cores of the ARM. Out of these, four cores have a clock speed of 2.2GHz while the remaining four are all suction cores clocked at 1.8GHz.

Blackberry KEYone Geekbench listing
The GeekBench listing of the supposed Blackberry KEYone successor

This chipset will come in association with 6GB of RAM. This will make it a very powerful device as well. Besides, the successor of the BlackBerry KEYone may come with a display that is likely to have a screen resolution of 1,620×1,080 pixels. The device’s aspect ratio will be 3:2 and it is likely that this device too will have the signature physical QWERTY keyboard which graces many of the company’s other devices as well.

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