This Tiny Device Converts Cell Phone Radiation into Harmless Electricity

While we’ve heard time and time again that cell phone radiation could be harmful to us, rarely does anyone take active steps to protect themselves. In 2011, the World Health Organization classified cell phones as a possible carcinogenic hazard, placing it in the same category as lead, gasoline engine exhaust, and chloroform. But without so few options available to protect ourselves, how can we? It’s not like anyone is going to give up their cell phone use. Today, a new affordable device launched on Indiegogo promising to ease any woes you might have about the potential effects of long term cell phone radiation.

The device, named WaveBlocker, is the first patented passive circuit to block up to 65% of cell phone radiation and convert it into harmless electricity. This electricity is then used to power an LED indicator light on Waveblocker, which shows users whenever it is in action. The more radiation the device converts, the brighter the LED light shines.


“At WaveBlocker, we convert harmful radiation into harmless light with our patented technology. The challenge we face is educating the consumer about the potentially harmful side effects associated with cell phone radiation. The science community has said that it could be dangerous and people assume that this ambiguity means they are safe,” says Protek Innovations CEO Shaun Baden, “So while we are making technology safer for everyone, we seek to educate and uplift people by bringing the hidden risks of cumulative exposure to light so consumers can interact with technology differently.”



Over the years, there have been other products on the market claiming to reduce cell phone radiation, but little proof is ever provided. However, Protek Innovations claims Waveblocker’s abilities have been tested and proven in independent labs. And while there have only been limited studies on the effects of long term cell phone exposure, there is more than enough data to warrant caution.

More information can be found on Waveblocker’s Indiegogo page where you can also pre-order the device for only $40.

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