Xiaomi’s New Devices To Launch in India Today: Catch All Live-Streaming Details

Xiaomi, which has taken the world by storm, will soon unveil a series of new smartphones in India, which is one of its biggest markets. There is scant information on what is to be expected today, but we remain confident that more than one device, said to be a selfie-centered one, will see the light of day. Fans are also eagerly anticipating the launch of the MIUI 9. You can also catch the live streaming of the launch on the official website of the Chinese major.

Xiaomi has consistently been on the list of bestsellers ever since the Redmi series of phones were launched. Two days ago, some photos of what might possibly be the Redmi 5 Plus had emerged on the Internet. The social media managers of the company have gone all-in over the promotion of the latest range of smartphones which will be announced today. Both the Twitter and the Facebook accounts are abuzz with excitement.

Xiaomi promo-Nov 2
The promotional poster of the Xiaomi event. Via Twitter.

There had been some speculation that the new device which would be launched today would be the new Mi Note 3. However, that news was flagged as incorrect as the company announced on Twitter that the new device was neither a note nor a book. It was, in fact, a completely ‘new series.’

Given that the image in the tweet put out shows a device being charged, we believe that the new device will support fast charging among other features. This being a selfie-centric smartphone, the company is also running a new campaign on the Internet, tagged #MyBestSelfie. The hashtag has become pretty popular, in fact.

All in all, the company is expected to deliver the goods today. In case you missed it, you can catch the live streaming of the event here. As soon as we have any more updates, we shall post them here.

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