Soon, Your Facebook Name Must Match The One Your Aadhar Card Bears

The Aadhar card, the flagship scheme of the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), has made its presence felt in almost every field, from banking to eating out. Now, it seems that even the social media that you use may not be fully rid of the Aadhar lasso. A recent report points out that you may soon have to link your Aadhar ID with the Facebook account. At the very least, you may be asked to type in your name in the same way it is found on the Aadhar ID card.

According to the latest piece of news that is coming in from the site MySmartPrice, which you can read here, users will have to type in their names exactly as it is visible on the Aadhar cards that they have.This is being viewed as an effective measure to ensure that the number of fake online profiles come down in number and to ensure that cyberbullying and other related crimes come down too.

Facebook aadhar linkage
Facebook Aadhar linkage

Near the end of last month, Facebook had announced that it could ask the users to upload a picture of themselves if they noticed any suspicious activities in a certain account. Note that the Aadhar number, or at least the name, will only be required when one tries to create a new account from the Safari web browser on all iOS devices. Aso, the Aadhar verification process may not be applicable to all the users; reports indicate that the nature of such demands will be totally random in nature.

However, not everyone is pleased with this recent development. They fear that their private/personal details might get leaked when the connection with Facebook is completed. There has been no official announcement on the part of the company. For any further details, you must watch this space for more.

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