Videocon Will Soon Launch EyeconiQ Engine Smart TV Series in India

Videocon, the home-grown domestic giant which manufactures electrical products and a slew of other devices, has introduced a new range of smart television sets in the country. These have been developed and manufactured by Videocon in India. These smart TVs run Android OS and will be powered by the latest EyeconiQ Engine technology. The technology, Videocon claims, will produce nearly 100% of the colors which are visible to the human eye.

Videocon has earlier entered the smart TV market with the Windows 10 smart TVs.

The new Smart Series TVs range has three different screen sizes: 32 inch, 40 inch, and 43 inches. Launched and exclusively available now at the India International Consumer Fair or IICF in Mumbai, Videocon has claimed that these devices will be made available via all the leading consumer electronic stores as soon as January 2018 ends. The new TV range will also have a price range between Rs. 32,990 to Rs. 46,990 depending on the size of the screen that you choose to buy.

Videocon EyeconiQ smart TV
The new smart TV from Videocon

The new EyeconiQ Engine technology will be able to produce greater and superior visuals which will have 100% colors that are visible to the human eye. These will make the colors more radiant and richer. While the most important colors, which are Red, Blue, and Green, are equally enhanced. These will make much greater resolutions.

The new TV range boasts an advanced amorphous tri-layered chip which will form a much greater and purer form of green as well as a red pigment. This will ensure that will enable a much greater (100% truer, according to the company) and more vibrant colors. Given that these are smart TVs which run on the Android OS, you can also install Android apps giving you the ability to stream media content from such streaming apps such like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime, among others. Stay tuned for more updates.

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