[Updated List] 11+1 Free Mp3 Sites & Apps For Ultimate Enjoyment

Free Mp3 Download Sites: Music has become the easiest way to dive into the world of entertainment. It excites our minds and sometimes heals the wounds of our hearts also. In today’s world, a smartphone and an ear enhancement can do the magic for you. Just plug the earphone and connect the smartphone with it and you are done. Though our hearts dance with the rhythm of the songs, we hardly want to pay a penny for these And here the free music downloading sites save us. These are so useful when you want your favourite music tracks downloaded at free of cost. Even if you search for some free mp3 download sites online, you will get thousand of options, but in maximum sites, you won’t find the exact songs you have been searching for.

That’s why we have handpicked some of the best music mp3 download sites for you. Get one of this, and we are sure that you won’t be disappointed. All these sites and apps have kick ass features and mind-blowing user interfaces. We cut your efforts by ninety percent by providing these awesome sites for free song download. Apps have become very popular in recent days, and a maximum of us prefer an app instead of opening a site for downloading anything online. If you are using Android phone, we have something for you- some incredible free music downloading apps are also on our list. Sometimes apps provide well-organized interfaces than the sites. And another plus of having Android apps for free music downloads is that you don’t have to mess with the unwanted advertisements which pop up here and there. Let’s dig more into the advantages of having free mp3 download sites right now.

free mp3 download sites
Free mp3 download sites

After a thorough research, we have found these below-mentioned sites which suit everyone who has been looking for a free mp3 downloading site or app.

Best Free MP3 Download Sites: Get Free Music Downloads

Finding a needle from a haystack is easier than searching most suitable sites for free songs download. We have invested a lot of time in researching every point of a classic website. But before proceeding, we want to inform you that we have kept the following points in mind while sorting these extremely user-friendly free mp3 download sites for you so that you can unleash the utmost entertainments out of these.

What are the Checkpoints for good Music Download Sites

  • Easy Navigation: If a site has lucid navigation, users can easily search and download their preferred songs. In a good song downloading site, every option should appear clearly, and the categories must be conspicuous so that a user can go to his or her targeted areas of interests. Perfect navigation is one of the handy features of a best free music downloading site because as a user we hate to wait. Even when we check sites, we jump into another site if the site loading speed gets slower or we simply go confused where to click for getting the track downloaded.
  • Large Digital Library: if a site has a large database of tracks, then bounce rate of the site goes down. If you get as many songs as you can in a single site, then you won’t have to go anywhere else. It’s a fact that if we find a good free song downloading site where we get a lot of collections of various songs of numerous genres, we use to bookmark that site and gradually become a loyal member or user of the site.
  • Auto Correction in Search: If a site corrects the song’s lyric you have typed then search becomes easier than ever. Sometimes it happens that we forget the correct lyrics of a song and then auto correction feature saves us from getting the wrong tracks. So auto correction feature comes under one of the most vital checkpoints while you are going for a free mp3 downloading site blindly.
  • Easy Download option: We always look for a website with a one-click download option, especially when we search free music downloading sites. We might have many bitter experiences of music downloading websites or apps where we simply don’t understand where to click so that the track gets downloaded without any hassle. But a problem arises here when many “Download” options come up across the screen. Many of those pop-ups are advertisements from different advertising sources and clicking on those pop-ups; you may be redirected to somewhere else.

Free Music Downloads: List of Free MP3 Download Sites

Go through the list of our top ten sites for free mp3 download. These free mp3 download sites are immensely famous among the hunters of free songs.

#1 MP3 Skull- Easy, Convenient and Feature Rich

Here comes the master of all free music sites. The name is enough, and it does not require any introduction. It has a parallel a mobile app where you can find the same tracks. But using PC sometimes gives us more flexibility.  The exciting part of this incredible site is that you can stream the songs online without downloading!- A much-needed feature.

Now let’s come to technical aspects of this awesomely popular song downloading site. The interface is well organised, and developers kept all the things minimal so that we have fewer confusions in selecting music online. Considering the search and performance, no site comes in comparison with a Mp3 skull. Its powerful search engine lets every user search songs with lyrics. This is so amazing that even if you search by typing some words from the middle of the lyric of a song, it will flash the most suitable related tracks. In a line, for downloading music free, MP3 is the king. You can take some other sites in comparison but can’t match the features and popularity of this site. It is arguably one of the best free mp3 download sites of the current time.

 Mp3 skull free mp3 downloader

Whatever you want to do- download, listen or stream, with an MP3 skull you can do everything.

Features of Mp3 Skull

Here are the special features which it is best for.

  • Free Song Download: You get all the tracks downloaded at free of cost, and it does not show any mandatory advertisement to see before downloading.
  • Make Free Ringtone: Using the awesome app, anyone can make a free ringtone of their favourite songs. There is an option, clicking on which you can make awesome ringtones out of the tracks.
  • Free Music Library to save Music: With every registered account, MP3 skull gives a free music library for the users. You can save your shortlisted songs here and plug into these anytime anywhere. You can even download the track at your convenient time.

Go to the Site: Click here to check Mp3 Skull

FAQ’s about Mp3 Skull- Clear your doubts 

There are some common issues, and questions revolve around Mp3 Skull. Here are those-

Is Mp3 Skull Safe For free Music Downloading?

– It’s one of the most frequently asked questions about mp3 skull. The reason behind this strange question is that there are tonnes of websites which offer free music downloads along with lots of malware and Trojans. These affects our PC and mobile performances and sometimes corrupt many important files. We finally end up with formatting our PC, which results from lots of data loss. But MP3 skull is safe from these corners and till now not a single issue has raised.

Does it violate copyright issue?

-In a brief disclaimer, it declares that it does not violate any copyright use because users upload the music and site managers have nothing to do with it. Many sites have lost legal battles with the music production companies. Though Recording Industry Association of America along with some biggies like Warner Bros and Sony Music have teamed up together for proceeding a sue against the brain child of Mp3Skull, still there is no affect. It is tough to restrict the free mp3 downloading sites from providing tracks at free because you simply can’t control thousands of sites hosted on different countries at a time.

Alternatives of MP3 Skull- What you can opt instead

-Frankly, there is no app or site which can be dragged to replace MP3 skull from any point. But yes, there are some sites which can be chosen as a short time substitute for MP3 skull. Off course, you may not get the real taste of Mp3 Skull in these sites but can find almost all of tracks you want.

MP3 Juice: An Excellent Free music downloading site for you. You can find the details of this kick ass music streaming site in this list below.

Music Paradise Pro: Though you may listen to the name for the first time trust me, it’s a marvellous music player with some distinctive features built-in.

#2 MP3 Juice- Search, Click and Download Music on the Go

When we are talking about free mp3 downloading sites, we can’t ignore MP3 juice. Due to exceptional features and one of the biggest online song’s library it hit the second place in our list. All the music lovers like us are aware of this site. It often comes on the first page when we search any free mp3 online. In recent times, it comes under the limelight because of some legal issues and hoaxes that have been popped up in media and social networking sites. If we throw these messy things aside, it’s a beautifully designed site where users not only find their tracks for download but also a lot of suggestions based on “Hits of the week” and “Most Downloaded” etc. tags. That’s why we call it- “Music search engine”. It’s safe and secure from all kind of web sensitivities like Trojan and malware attack.

music juice

Eye Catching Features of MP3 juice 

Features attract users and user’s loyalty increases the authority of the site.

You may have known the extraordinary heart is stealing features of this free music downloading site. For our buddies who don’t know much about it, we have listed down a list of features of MP3 Juice here in below-

  • Fast Web Loading: The whole system is very fast loading in the web. There is simply no time between hitting the “MP3 Juice” online and getting the result in front of you. Developers of this site made the UI and web interface minimal so that it does not take much time to load. We often like those sites which load faster.
  • No Registration Required at all: No site provides any at free of cost until and unless you register on that site. But here is the exception. MP3 juice does not require any registration to get the songs downloaded quickly. You can launch download with a single click on a download link of every song.
  • Make MP3 From YouTube Video: Sometimes we don’t find our favourite music on the web while the video may be available on YouTube. MP3 juice provides a unique feature to all the music lovers. You can make MP3 out of every YouTube video.
  • Save Tracks into Cloud Drives: Using this awesome free mp3 downloading site, you can save all shortlisted songs into all leading cloud drives like Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox. The built-in options let you save your favourite mp3 easily.
  • MP3 Cutter: Using this intuitive option anyone can cut any song anytime to make a superb ringtone. This option let you mix the two songs together.

mp3 juicw

Some Tips and tricks for Mp3 Juice

To work with this free music downloading site, you need to opt some tips and tricks. These are-

  • Sync into Cloud: If you are a veteran music lover and if your phone memory is getting low then there is no point to download the songs and store them in a phone. We can save those tracks into various cloud drive instead. Using your Google ID and Microsoft ID, you can save the songs into Google Drive and One Drive respectively.
  • Share for fun: Share is always fun. With a single click, you can share your activities in almost all leading social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Download Songs from SoundCloud: Just like YouTube you can download songs from SoundCloud. There is no rocket science behind this. Follow the same process of YouTube. This free music downloading site not only allows you to download songs for free but also convert mp4 to mp3 easily with a single click.
  • Cut out Promotional or soundless part of a track using mp3 cutter: Many downloaded songs have something promotional talk at starting or ending and sometimes we experience soundless parts in some song. To cut these out and to get the real thrill, we need to get this process done.

Go to the Site: Click here to check Mp3 Juice

FAQs of Mp3 Juice Music Downloader

Is it safe to use Mp3 Juice for free music downloads?

– Yes, it’s free from all kind of web malware and Trojan. You don’t have to check all corners to get your favourite music downloaded.

Is there any maximum length of the video or audio to convert via converter of Mp3 Juice?

– Yes, the maximum length is 2 hours for both.

Does it violate any copyright act?

– Simply the answer is “NO”. It does not violate anything that is associated with copyright acts. Though there are a lot of hoaxes about these free sites for music downloads as of now, there is no notice to shut these down immediately.

Alternatives of MP3 Juice- What you can go for

You have already aware of the various features of this one of the best free mp3 downloading site. Don’t try to compare anything with this one. But there are lots of options you can opt instead.

MP3 Skull: This is one of the best free music downloading sites in the world, and almost all the users find this site extremely helpful for every query of downloading free songs.

Music Paradise Pro: Music Paradise Pro is one of the bets for best free music downloader online. Many contemporary features make this one of the best sites for your quest.

#3 Music Paradise Pro- Get Superb Music for Free

Here is the another biggie of free mp3 download sites. It has over 10 million downloads officially, and we think it’s enough to set the first impression of this site. Ample of free music are available on this site, and you hardly can miss anything.  It’s very tough to compare something that is already famous and needs nothing to get a superior quality regarding some tracks and the modern features of a site for free songs download. When we were preparing the list of top sites for music download for free, we also face many problems and issues. But we stressed on user experience than the size of the library of that music player. For iPhone users, it is available in iTune, check here for it.

free music downloading sites

Features of Mp3 Paradise Pro- Attracting Features

Easy Search and Quick Song Launch: It provides easy options for easy search so that we don’t have to wait a lot while quick song launch feature let everyone dive into the playlist of your favourite. This is the first hitting point of this free music downloading site.

Smart Download Manager: There is very few download manager which are so smart that allows users to download more than one song at a time without slowing down the speed of data. You can organise the songs downloaded using this awesome feature without taking much hassle on your shoulder.

Create Playlist easily: Now create the playlist of your favourite songs. With s single tap you can add a lot of songs at a time and then relax. Tracks will be going on one by one. You can add up to 100 songs in the playlist and then get lost in the world of music…BOOOMMMM…

Download songs direct into the SD card: You might have experienced a lot of apps where the songs are downloaded into the apps. Using this extremely helpful site, you can download any songs directly into your SD card. It saves flash memory storage of your phone and gives the tracks downloaded a permanent solution because in those apps tracks go lost when we uninstall the apps.

Free Ringtone Maker: Using the free ringtone maker that is built-in into this site, anyone can create the ringtone out of any song. Use it and experience it. It’s awesome.

What’s Negative

Annoying Pop Up Adds: The minus point of this site is the adds which come up anytime from any corner without any indication. These annoying ads are common in all time wasting sites. You need to digest these adds to take free music out of it.

Music Track Missing: Sometimes you may see a newly downloaded song unavailable in the SD card. Nothing to worry about if you experience so. Simply switch off the phone and restart it. Then check back. Everything will be fixed.

FAQs of Music Paradise Pro

Does it provide free music?

– Yes, it provides free music, and you neither have to pay anything nor complete any do must survey.

Does it have any app?

– As of now, there is no app for this. You have to go to the mobile site and search the song you want. If it has an Android app, then the experience of getting music for free will become flawless. But it does not have anything like this.

Does it violate any copyright issue?

– No. It does not violate any such issue. You can go for it blindly. It organises the tracks in such way so that it reflects that users upload the music, and this site does not hold any responsibility for these.

Do I have to register for downloading free music from Music Paradise Pro?

No, you don;t have to do so. Just go to the site and search the music you want to download. That’s all. It protects your identity and it keeps you anonymous. Getting registered on these sites are a pain for everyone. Here it makes its users free to choose whether they want to register themselves or not. But for uploading music you have to register yourself.

Alternative of Music Paradise Pro- See the options

MP3 Skull: Nothing to say about this biggie. Extremely famous site with unparallel music experience. If you can’t find any song here, it’s harder to find anywhere else.

MP3 Juice: The name of this site perfectly matches the experience. It provides buttery music track downloading experience for everyone.

#4 4 Shared Music- Outstanding Music for Free

4 Shared Music is an outstanding site to get free songs. This site often comes in the first search in Google. 4 Shared Music is counted among the oldest sites for song download. This excellent site a big collection of songs in its back and has marvellous site loading speed. In a word, it’s simply WOW! Don’t forget that it has a collection of songs with different genres.

free mp3 downloading sites

Features of 4 Shared Music- Appealing Features

Millions of music lovers can’t be wrong. It comes with an Android app for free music download. As of now 8 million installs are visible in Google Play Store. With the app, it has bridged the slice gap between Android interface and free song download by the app. Get ready to be stringed out with this app as unlimited is waiting for you. If you are not feasible to use Android app, then the site is here to be an alternative.

Easy Sign Up using Facebook & Google Plus: If you have installed the app, then don’t be afraid to register for it because it provides simple options like register with Facebook and Google Plus. That means single click registration. It will automatically extract the information from your Facebook and Google account once you approved the permission.

Fast loading interface in web and app both: One of the unique special points of this app is the fast loading feature. It does not matter where you are- web or app, both the platforms are blazing fast! App and website both are fully responsive and don’t have anything that counts minus point.

Excellent Playback support: This app comes with those distinctive apps that support playback feature. But unfortunately, except 4 Shared Music, all those apps come with a price tag. Thus, it provides premium features at free of cost- it’s amazing, isn’t it?

Social Community: 4 Shares Music app has a built-in social networking feature where you can exchange your opinions with 1 billion plus members easily. This is a big advantage of this app because it keeps users engaged, and sometimes it helps understand the feelings and needs of users and admins get an idea about what to include in the music library.

Optimized Search Bar: The search bar of this app is very intuitive and optimised. Even if you have typed anything wrong, it provides better-matched contents with auto correction feature. So forget to recall the exact lines of the lyrics. If you can put some words, it will find the next for you.

Check the 4 shared music apps: Android and iOS.

Do you know what’s the negative?

Old Fashioned UI: The old fashioned crappy UI kills the whole adrenaline rush. I don’t know why the UI of the website and app have not got updated with something new. The first impression is the last impression, and the UI drags the whole thing below. If 4 Shared Music changes this, it can be a strong contender against MP3 Skull and may beat many other apps and sited for free music download.

FAQs of 4 Shared Music

Can I find the app in Play Store?

– Yes, you can. Though Google has a lot of protection act against piracy 4 Shared made its way through it and enlisted itself into Google Play Store.

 Does it violate any Copyright Act?

– Nothing can be said as a lot of legal cases are going on against these kinds of sites worldwide, but till now there is no notice of shutting down these free song downloading sites.

Can I Play already downloaded songs in SD card via this app?

– Yes, you can play all the songs which support standard music file format. It does not matter whether you have it downloaded in SD card or streaming online.

Alternatives of 4 Shared Music

Music Paradise Pro: It’s an excellent alternative to 4 shared music as a free mp3 downloading site. Without any doubt, it got some intuitive features that are simply irresistible.

MP3 Skull: Forget all the apps and sites when you have this kick ass mp3 downloading site. Put any line of lyrics and press ENTER to BOOOMMMM. One stop free music solution for every music lover.

Music Manic Pro: It’s a fantastic app for free music downloads for Android.

#5 Music Maniac Pro- Download Free Music Legally!

Let’s talk about something “Ultimate”. Music Maniac Pro is something you can bet on for free music downloader where you can download free music with s single click. Now you neither have to digest free tracks with poor sound quality nor have to roam in the web in search of your favourite music. This free mp3 downloader can solve a lot of things. Let’s have a look at the attractive features of this free mp3 download sites which are on the “5th Rank”. To enjoy the trend of unlimited music install it in your mobile and plug a headphone, that’s all.

free music downloading sites

Features of Music Maniac Pro- Free Music at its best

Download Music without copyright issue: For the first time I have found something where it is mentioned that all the tracks are free legally. In the disclaimer portion of this website, it has mentioned all the things regarding “legal aspects” clearly.

Premium Looks: The bluish black look feels premium while the features make us feel the whole app is freemium. The whole UI is designed in “material design” format by Google. It helps load the site faster than average sites.

Download Tracks directly into SD card: Like all premium mp3 downloader Music Maniac Pro let every user download songs and save them into SD card for permanent while maximum apps have a PUF limit and let you download the mp3 into that app only, you won’t get the songs alone.

Smart Download Manager: ultra smart download manager lets every user download more than one track simultaneously without compromising with data speed. It keeps all things at our hands. Options of this smart download manager are very useful.

Check Music Paradise Pro here.

FAQs of Music Maniac Pro

Is it free to use?

– Yes. It’s free for life, and thus making it a great option in this list of free mp3 download sites. You don’t have to pay a single penny for it.

Is the apk available for free? 

– Yes, apk file of the Music Maniac Pro is available in various trustworthy sites.

Does it violate any copyright issue?

– No, it does not violate any issue of the copyright act. So download the tracks you love without any hassle.

Alternatives to Music Maniac Pro

4 Shared Music: Tremendously famous free mp3 downloading app and site. Millions of people find their beloved tracks here. It has one of the best music libraries where you can hardly miss anything.

Music Paradise Pro: Doubtlessly it does not need any introduction. From the core of the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, it receives a lot of thumbs up and which is counted just after MP3 skull in the world of free music downloader.

MP3 Skull: God of all free music downloading sites or you can say an one stop solution for all free music or mp3 downloads.

Spotify: It’s a new entrant in this domain however it manages to create a huge user base especially for Android. With its basic version you can listen to all the latest hits but with the PUF limit however with the premium version you can hack the entire mp3 and that too in three different qualities! Get the Spotify premium APK and dive into the world of unlimited enjoyment.

#6 Jamendo.com- Exactly what you need

Jamendo.com is a champion of the free songs downloading sites. You will find not only some good music but also music from YouTube also. Just click the links and paste those there so that it can track the song and then…..BOOMMM. You are done! It does not have a large digital library like MP3 Skull and Music Paradise Pro, but the ultra fast UI and site speed help it to get over these things. If you don’t have the mp3 of the tracks you have been trying to download then also, there is nothing to worry about. Just a simple copy paste from YouTube will bring the most wanted mp3 in your mobile within a minute! Go to this site and start enjoying limitless music without any restriction.

best free music downloader

Features of Jamendo.com- Something extra than only music

Superb Page Speed: We all hate waiting for anything. And if it’s for the song we have been waiting a lot then it simply kills. Jamendo’s superb page speed does not let your hop die in search of the tracks. It loads in a second and finds searches for you within few seconds. Download speed is pretty good, and everyone can easily search out the site within few minutes.

Track details: Like some famous free music downloading sites it offers full details of the track you heads towards. In the “Details” you will find complete details of the song and the origin of the song while some other special features like duration of the track and when it was published in Jamendo.com everything.

Ultra Premium looking UI: The first impression is the last impression, and Jamendo.com picked this option of promoting its site for free music download with pace. Frankly, I love this site at first sight for the UI only. Amazingly designed site is the first thing that makes the initial impact on the potential users. Check the site here and tell us your experience too.

Negative point- Check it before you get it

Free Music but not the full Track: Sometimes it happens that some tracks don’t come in full for downloading. Those tracks are a half track. So check the duration of the track every time before downloading.

FAQs of Jamendo.com

Does it come as a premium site for music download?

– No. It’s completely free, and anyone can download the songs available there and on the YouTube.

Is there any issue of Copyright violation?

– No, as of now there is no point which can prove that it violates copyright terms in any way. So be greedy and get the music for free and some users have found this one most hassle free way of getting free mp3 easily.

Can it play any song? Does it have any built-in option for playing downloaded tracks?

– No. There is no option which can play a track till now. So you need to be dependable on the music playing apps of your mobile.

Alternatives of Jamendo.com

MP3 Skull: What you need, it delivers all. It hardly fails to get the song you want on display for free download. It’s a site that is loved by all and authenticated by millions. A user-friendly site that provides clean user experience- you may find any site that can come in competition with this.

MP3 Juice: Another site for Pro free music downloader. Ad free simple responsive interface steals a lot of limelight. White, blue interface mixed the things perfectly for a class apart professional looks.

4 Shared Music: Does it need any introduction? Just check the app and then comment anything about it. Superb butter-slicing experience for all users. Simply irresistible features kill the attractions towards all other apps.

#7 Amazon.com

Getting surprised? We all know Amazon.com is famous for its e-commerce wing. Though we know about its other wings, anyone hardly knows about the offerings of free mp3 downloading features by the Amazon! But remember a point here- you can’t download recent hits for free, but for those who hunt old music, it’s simply a treasure trove for them. Songs from vinyl recording to modern CD recording, you can get all these for free at Amazon’s free music downloading arena.

With the Prime Music available for iTunes you can enjoy these feature using your iPhone!- check it here. For checking the zone where you can find all music for free, click here.

Amazon free mp3 download site

Features of Amazon.com

Backed by Amazon: This thing is enough for depending on this site. Web server is truely fast, and anyone can get into these sections to find out the free music downloading option. As because there is Amazon behind, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Recent hits at a low price: If you want to grab some recent hits then Amazon offers many of these at very low price and often competitive enough to click.

Supported by iPhone app: Prime Music, which is an app for iPhone, is available on iTunes. Using that you can access every feature of Amazon Music.

What’s Negative?

Infinite Scrolling: As a user, you may find it difficult to cope up with infinite scrolling feature of this area. Amazan as an e-commerce site has this feature which is quite compatible, but if we look at the music downloading features, it does not suit much.

FAQs of Amazon Music

Are the music tracks free for all?

– Yes. These are free for all. You can get into the world of exceptional music once you dive into it.

Alternatives of Amazon.com

4 shared Music app and site: Using 4 Shared you can get your most favourite music tracks with a single click and trust me for that you does not need any special knowledge.

Jamendo.com: It’s another one you can rely upon, and you will get some quality music for sure.

This is our list of best free mp3 download sites and apps. From out thorough research, we have found numerous points, some of them have gone in favour of some sites while some have gone against. But after judging some crucial points, we have chosen these ultimate free mp3 download sites and apps on our list to do an unlimited number of free music downloads. Feed your suggestion here by pouring your thoughts into the comment section. We will love to hear from you.

#8 Google Play Music

There is no one on this planet who does not know about this music app. With all Android phone, it comes as an in built app. Using this widely popular app, you can stream mp3 online and even can download for offline entertainment.

We often don’t keep attention on this app as it comes free with every Android phone. It’s time to explore this app.

Google Play free music downloader

Features of Google Play Music

Native app for all Android phones: If you are using an Android phone then Google Play comes as a native app for this operating system. So you don’t have to install it on your phone from Google Play because it’s already is on your phone.

Consume less data: If we compare other apps with it. It consumes comparatively less data because of its material design. Updated app consumes less data. So if you want to give it a try, update the app first.

Upload 50000 Songs: This is hilarious, man! How can a single person can upload 50000 tracks as a personal collection. Users can share that collection also!

What’s Negative 

Premium Plan: You can’t stream unlimited songs online in a month. You need to get a subscription plan for this. But you can download free songs listed on the “List of free”. It’s one of the best Music downloaders for Android.

FAQs of Google Music

Is the any PUF limit in songs downloading?

-Yes. There is. You can’t download unlimited songs in a month. After reaching to the PUF limit, you need to get subscribed.

Alternatives of Google Play

4 shared Music app: You just can’t resist yourself from this immensely popular music and mp3 downloading app. It has all the features you want to have in a free mp3 downloader for Android.

Amazon.com: To compete with Google, Amazon has a wide array of collection of songs. You can download the songs with “Free” tag and pay and play for the “Premium” tagged songs.

Music Maniac Pro: It’s an awesome free mp3 downloading app that can come close in competition with Google Play with its extremely large collection of music.

#9 GTunes Music

Hey! It’s a great music downloader. But unfortunately, it has been removed from Google Play. You can download it from HERE. Download the apk file from here and install it on your Android phone. It may show that “You are installing an unauthorised app”. Don’t worry; it says it because the app is not from Google Play Store. Install it and launch it for the unlimited fun of free music.

GTunes Free Music Download

Features of GTunes 

Streamline design: Streamline design keeps the app running smoothly and eats less data. Options are clearly visible on the top bar. You can search anything from the left most option while the downloaded tracks are included in the list of “Download”.

One Platform, many resources: It allows to stream and download free mp3 from different sites and apps like Jamendo.com, 7digital.com, Last.fm and so on.

What’s Negative

Not available for public in Play Store: It’s the only limitation of GTunes. You won’t find it any secure and official site or app store. You have to download it from third party site. There is nothing to panic about as we have provided a verified link above to download this insanely helpful app while you have the mania of downloading free mp3 in your head.

FAQs of GTunes

Why is not it available in Google Play?

– There might be some issues with Google’s compliances. That’s why Google declined the app from listing in Google Play Store officially. There is no other issue either.

Alternatives of GTunes

Google Play: Google’s native music downloader itself the biggest alternative of GTunes. You can bet on this free mp3 downloader of you are having any issue in downloading GTunes.

Music Maniac Pro: Music Maniac Pro is the another app you can rely on. This is also designed as a streamlined app. You will get everything you have missed in GTunes, Starting from the design to the library, etc. There is no such difference to be addressed.

4 Shared Music: This is one of the best apps we have ever found for downloading free mp3. Enjoy all free features at free of cost. There is no doubt why we have placed it within the first few places of our list.

#10 Vimeo.com

Vimeo.com is famous for its video or mp4 while there is a great collection of free mp3. Many tracks have got a tagged price for downloading. But apart from these premium tracks, there is a whole bunch of free mp3. Just by a click, you can download millions of songs. You can use the mp4 along with the mp4.

vimeo free music download

Features of Viemo

Free Mp3 Download: Once you are logged in, there is no limit of songs downloading. Download unlimited songs directly from this site. “Guitar Music” and “Rock Music” are the two hashtags for finding the latest trends or something really cool.

HD quality mp3: You can download HD quality mp3 from this site at free of cost. Play on it wherever you want…it will make the BOOMMM…

What’s negative

Premium Tracks: All the tracks are not available for free download. You may have to spend some pennies sometimes to download the tracks.

Slow Site: The site is slow, that’s why we need to wait more time than the other sites.

FAQs of Viemo

Is there any legal issue, if I download songs from Vimeo?

– No, not at all my friends. This is an authentic site as premium songs are not available for free.

Do I need to register myself for downloading free music?

– Yes. You have register first.

Alternatives of Viemo

Jamendo: It’s a famous its for unlimited music download. There are few sites which can come into competition with its vast digital library of the free tracks.

Music Paradise Pro: It’s really a giant when it comes to download free mp3. We have already mentioned about this site. Though there are a lot of confusions about the downloadability of the tracks from this site, still you can download millions of songs.

#11 MusoPEN.org

Another alternative for free music download. Musopen is not a widely famous website, but there are millions of fans around the world. It proves that features don’t make much effect when people try to find free music downloader.

Let’s find out the reason behind its huge popularity among the free music seekers.

Musopen free music download

Musopen Features 

Largest Instrumental Music Library: This site is the world’s largest instrumental music library for the young generation. Find the oldest music here online which are ready to download at free of cost!

FAQs of the Musopen.org

Is it safe to download the mp3 tracks from this website?

– Yes, fully safe. It does not ask for any payment as there is no such track that may park as a premium track.

 Do I need to register on this site for accessing free songs?

– No. it does not need anything like this.

# For music lovers in the United States (US), it’s a treasure trove for sure, check it out now.

 Alternatives of MusoPen

Frankly speaking, there is no such website for free mp3 where you can find this type of content. But still, some sites exist where you can find some similarities of this site.

Jamendo: There is no point to tell anything else about this site. In a line, there are few sites for free music which can match the contents of this awesome site. It deserves a bookmark on your web browser.

Viemo: Though it’s famous for its video contents, you can still download a lot of mp3 as well.

#12 MP3 Fusion 

If enjoying the lyrics with the music is your passion then this could be proved as the treasure trove for you. Sparkling features with quality music is the ultimate catch of this free mp3 downloading site.

Features of the MP3 Fusion

Browse by A-Z: Browse the names of the artist and music by the syllables. It’s an easy option to find the desired music and lyrics.

Embed and share music:  You can share the music and tracks easily. Embed the player on your blog and Facebook!

Free Download: You can download the music at free of cost! If you stream these online, then also you can do that with a single click!

Smart suggestions: It provides best suggestions based on the users’ rating. “Hits of the day” provides the optimum list of the best songs chosen by the users.

FAQ’s of the MP3 Fusion

Is there any legal issue, if I download songs from MP3 Fusion?

– No buddy. There is no legal issue on it. SO download as much as you want.

Do I need to register myself for downloading free music?

– Yes. You have register first on the site.

Alternatives of MP3 Fusion

4 shared Music app: Nothing is left to say about it. 4 Shared Music is counted among the top rated mp3 downloading site and apps. Users of this rated it very high.

Jamendo.com: Thousands of songs are available for free download. What you need to do is type a part of the lyrics and the matched articles will be shown there. Then just select and play!

Music Maniac Pro: It has a vast collection of music. Users can easily search and play music. More than 10 million songs are there in its music library.

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